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New Chevrolet Montana 2017: Arrival of the third generation

During the beginning of the year, we speculated whether Chevrolet was actually working on a Montana 2017 to deliver to the market or to think of a new vehicle - perhaps even in another category, as a competitor of Renault and Fiat in the newly released intermediate pickup trucks.

The official position was finally revealed and, surprisingly, was to return to give the necessary attention to Montana, which seemed abandoned for some years in the local market, receiving only adjustments to their models of inspiration when they received updates.

GM Brazil says it will work really in Montana in 2017, including delivering a third generation of the vehicle, which seemed closer to retirement than a new generation in recent times.

Learn what to expect from the new version of the Chevrolet pickup truck in 2017:

New generation, new inspiration

The new generation of Montana clearly seeks to solve a problem that has always pointed to the vehicle: it looks. Very expressive and quite ignorable, the design was until then one of the weakest points of the truck, which - in their latest versions - brought its inspiration from Agile.

According to GM, the plan is another now. In its third generation, the 2017 Montana should be inspired especially in Onix, which has a very visual consolidated in the Brazilian market, which can help it to achieve better sales results.

The automaker dared even say that the car will bring lines that date back to visual idea of ​​the average line of the Chevrolet sedan, the Cruze. If the plan succeeds, certainly it is an unprecedented step in building a Montana that is truly competitive in its category.

The idea is, moreover, quite understandable, considering the recent brand effort in adopting a level visual identity up, giving all their vehicles a distinctive touch of sophistication inspired by the sedan.

End of simple cabin

Another bold step GM is adopting a similar competition policy in relation to the cabin of the truck. To avoid the image of "low budget option" of the vehicle, the automaker has held that, as well as Strada and Saveiro, only offer the extended cab versions and double cabin in Montana in 2017, ending definitively with the simple version (which could be, in fact, one of its differentials, thinking in a pragmatic perspective).

More potent

Another ad relevance regarding the vehicle is to replace the tired 1.4 engine of 99 horsepower at 1.8 used in Cobalt, which has about 10 horsepower more, but a torque 50% greater than the present engine, which would offer the possibility of more intense professional application to Montana in 2017.

Price and competition

Although not yet announced the values ​​of Montana in 2017, there is information that Chevrolet just need to provide as a matter of formality between the company and the press. Unlike what is about to happen with the rest of his line, where models and prices receive a proportional upgrade to make room for the Spark and grandeur to Onix, there is little room for Montana 2017 up its price.

In fact, if GM were only concerned with their direct competitors and the fall of the automotive market, Montana would no longer have the strength to rise their prices, but this is not the whole problem of the automaker.

The segment of trucks the size of Montana in 2017 is dangerously close to the new intermediate pickup trucks segment launched - particularly the Renault Oroch, which has a very competitive value in relation to smaller cars.

Therefore, Montana in 2017 should only modify its value with respect to the exchange booth, pairing the numbers with their competitors, without departing from the expected item "prices" when arrive definitively the market.
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