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New Ford Focus 2017: More focus on style

Focus 2017 is already almost confirmed for next year with significant changes in its look. Some people already indicate that the model would represent the next generation of the Ford Focus, which is not confirmed by the automaker for obvious reasons.

Even if not immediately come to Brazil, it is worth checking the main features of the model, since it will probably represent the next update of the car in Brazil.

New model already expected

New Ford Focus 2017: More focus on style

Since the launch of the new generation Focus, Ford kept the habit of doing reestilizações significant and constant changes in short periods of time. Focus for 2017 already expected another change - this time even more radical.

The international media covering the Ford models already refers to the 2017 version as the fourth model generation, including some surprise to identify it this way, considering the good results in sales of vehicles, and its acceptance by the public and critics .

The fact is that according to sources close to the brand, change is already virtually certain, depending only on the engineering team to deliver the model within the expected time for it to go to the European market and the US later in the year.

In Brazil, it is unclear whether the new model will arrive at the same time as the rest of the world, considering that the model sold here is an update behind the global.

Expected new look

New Ford Focus 2017: More focus on style

According to the information received by the international press, the main change in the 2017 Focus will be on your look. The "emotional" side of the purchase, according to the automaker referred to the car's design is an important factor in making the decision, and Ford is with clear intentions to become the most attractive vehicle to assist the choices of potential customers.

The last major change model generated a nice car and very well received in the market, but still pretty recent, causing major changes are questioned, especially with regard to the rapid lag models in circulation.
energy changes?

One question raised by the media that has not been discussed by the automaker is the question of a more efficient Focus 2017 in relation to its fuel consumption. Some vehicles have spoken, including the possibility of a hybrid version.

It is a technology already dominated with some success by Ford and could generate a market differential in a time when competitors focus the efforts of efficient vehicles in the medium and SUVs sedans.

Update Brazilian model

New Ford Focus 2017: More focus on style

As is known, the high dollar and the drop in automobile market slowed the rapid advancement of Ford in Brazil in order to globalize their cars. The brand was (and still is) one of the pioneers in keeping Brazilian cars always in accordance with its global designs.

With the Focus 2017 it is not known whether the tradition is maintained. In fact, the Focus available on the market today is already a late facelift in relation to the world model - which can be explained by the economic situation and the import costs.

It is questionable, therefore, whether the new model will come with no major economic changes in the market, considering the possibilities of the Ford Focus in 2017 to get a little more expensive, due to the new technologies adopted.
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