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Renault Logan in 2017: New engine to complete the transition

Logan 2017 will also receive attention from Renault, but its main focus is obviously on the Oroch debut during 2016, and the launch of kwid subcompact to replace the tired Clio for the year 2017.

With a recent restyling, the model should move now by a mechanical bath, to get 2017 more current economic and competitive in the increasingly uncertain segment of sedans that are close to the average.

With a more competitive segment (with Cobalt and Grand Siena well established), Logan 2017 needs to show up more updated.

Little change in the visual

Having recently undergone an interesting change in design, Logan 2017 should come almost equal to the current version. Especially in a period of time that Renault is dedicated to launch a new pickup trucks segment and replace your input car, it is unlikely that the automaker give yourself effectively to visual redesign of an intermediate sedan, whose competitors usually spend enough time no significant changes.

Establish new visual trends, moreover, it was never one of the proposed model. Its design is somewhat surprising but well resolved. Although raised some suspicions when it was released, quickly normalized to Brazilians eyes, paying attention to space and interior comfort - its main focuses.

Mechanical change

If the last restyling move in appearance, but did not touch the engine, the 2017 Logan comes with the precise opposite movement. The look is maintained, but a lot can happen under your hood.

Some versions of the model are moved to a three cylinder engine 1.0, giving more drive performance with regard to fuel consumption. It is not guaranteed, though, what will this engine: it is the new generation of three-cylinder Renault or three-cylinder 1.0 already used by Nissan March.

Still trying to similarities with the Nissan March, the other mechanical novelty Logan 2017 should be the engine 1.6 16V equal to that used by the compact Nissan and the Versa, also from the Japanese automaker.

Undated launch planned

Whereas the main focus of the assembly, with regard to the planning of new models, must be at the launch of the subcompact to retire the Clio, it is to imagine that the coming of 2017 Logan occur only after this another appointment.

Segment uncertain

The segment of intermediate sedans preceding the average goes through days of uncertainty. With Logan in 2017 should be no different. The automobile market in downtown, the launch of new segments that require repositioning of the models and the uncertainty about the public reaction to significant changes in the present moment complicate the life of the automakers.

The engine itself for Logan 2017 indicates the concern: one is the three-cylinder, focusing on the economy; the other is the 1.6 16V engine, which seeks to give a more power to the car appeal. The strategy seems to seek a wide range to spray options to the public who might be interested.
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