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Top 10 Most Dangerous Insects In The World

Being bigger is not always better, and these small insects are the most dangerous bites either on his severe pain or be a cause of sickness. Therefore, some insect bites may result in death without appropriate treatments in a short period of time.

In this selection are the 10 most dangerous insect in the world.

10. Ant-Cape Verde

Top 10 Most Dangerous Insects In The World

This ant is the largest of all the world ant families. They live mainly in tropical forests of Nicaragua and Paraguay. The bullet ants name comes from the hard picara.

It is determined that the victim feel the same pain of the bullet shot. In fact, bitten by an ant this is 30 times more painful than the sting by wasps and honey bees.


Top 10 Most Dangerous Insects In The World

The larvae of these insects are internal parasites of mammals. Unfortunately, dangerous larvae also live below the human skin and produce horrible effects. The human flies are mostly found throughout Central and South America.

Myiasis known parasite infestation is severe changes in skin tissues. The young female of this insect lays eggs inside the skin of mammals, also injects the bodies of mosquitoes for distribution.

The larvae penetrate through the skin and subdermal live in areas for more than 60 days. Patients may also feel the movement of the larvae under the skin. And since the development of the larvae complete, leaves the body.

8. Siphonaptera

Fleas are external parasites that suck the blood of human bodies, birds, reptiles, domestic and wild animals. Generate fleas itchy spots on the skin of the host, both in humans and other animals.

Young Fleas can consume blood more than 15 times its total body weight. Flea bites of the human body result in red bumps commonly found around the waist, knees and elbows. Minced very itchy and can lead to infection.

7. Fire ant

There are 285 different species of this ant in the world. The aggressive species are responsible for painful sting in humans and animals repeatedly. The white pustule caused by burning and bite hard for weeks. Poison also leads to various skin problems, generates allergic reaction.

6. Triatominae

Members of Triatomine, barbers, grow sucking the blood of vertebrates. The name of these insects came from the habit of poking the lip of the human while sleeping.

They also transmit the parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi. The disease barber kills 12,000 people each year. The disease spreads to animals and pets likewise. The sting of this insect generates immediate changes in the body, cause welts and rashes.

5. Japanese Giant Hornet

This insect is the largest species in the world wasp. And it grows up to 2 inches in size. And every year, up to 40 deaths are recorded by the bite of the Japanese hornet. The venom of this insect generates allergic reaction and dissolves the tissues shortly. The wasps group repeated sting also results in death.

4. Tsetse flies

The tsetse fly is the most deadly insect bite, native to Africa. He mainly feed on the blood of vertebrates. The extreme danger of insects inject powerful toxin in each wire.

It is estimated that about half a million people have lost their lives for this attack fly in Africa. At primary stage the fly poison generates sleeping sickness on the victim. But sometimes it can also lead to death.

3. Killer bees

Killer bees are one of the very aggressive and dominant insects in the world. The group follows the victim for more than 1 mile, and consists of hundreds or thousands of members. They attacked in groups, with repetitive bites and cause death. Bees mainly miram the face and eyes of humans.

2. Dorylus

This ant colony has the highest compared to any other insects in the world. And every colony has a member of up to 22 million; even elephants run from the group attack these ants.

They try to end any animal that comes by way of the same. These insects usually kill thousands of different animals with single raid. They are repeated wounds in animals and humans using strong jaws. And also attack the nests of other insects for food and to kill.

1. Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous species on the planet. The deadly insect causes 1 million deaths each year, for the transmission of dangerous disease malaria. Mosquitoes carry the malaria germs from one place to another and transmit germs to the victim's blood from the bite.

The WHO estimated that every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria and 500 million cases of malaria are reported each year. In fact, malaria is a bloodborne disease.

The disease does not affect by contact with the sick person. Is transmitted through parasites, particularly for mosquito bites. Besides malaria, mosquitoes also spread dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis and West Nile virus.
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