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Top 10 Photos That Shocked The World

Featured in this selection are 10 photos that shocked the world, each in his time. Often, we hear often that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Any picture can be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare pictures say a thousand words. They tell a powerful story, a moving story enough to change the world and transform people. Real photos, taken at the right time, impact and makes us appreciate how fragile we are on the phenomena of nature and weapons built by men.

10. Kosovo refugees - Carol Guzy

Carol Guzy, the first woman to receive a Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography. She received her most recent Pulitzer in 2000 for his touching photographs of Kosovo refugees.

The image portrays Agim Shala, a boy 2 years old, which is passed through a fence made of barbed wire to his family. Thousands of Kosovo refugees were gathered and camped in Kukes, Albania. 

9. War Under Foot - Carolyn Cole

Carolyn took this picture during his terrifying mission in Liberia, which shows the devastating effects of the Liberian Civil War. The bullet capsules covering the street entirely in Monrovia. The capital of Liberia was the worst affected region, because it was the intense combat scene between government soldiers and rebel forces. 

8. Massacre Thailand - Neil Ulevich

Neal Ulevich won the Pulitzer Prize in 1977 for a series of photographs of disorder and brutality on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. The Massacre of Thammasat University took place on October 6, 1976. It was a violent attack on students demonstrating against Field Marshall Thanom.

This was a dictator who was planning to return to Thailand. The return of the military dictator from exile provoked very violent protests. Protesters and students were beaten, mutilated, were shot, hanged and burned to death. 

7. After the Storm - Patrick Farrell

Patrick photographer captured the harrowing images of the victims of Haiti in 2008. Farrell documented the Haitian tragedy with impressive photographs in black and white. The theme of "After the Storm" is a boy who is trying to save a stroller after the tropical storm Hanna struck Haiti. 

6. The Power of One - Oded Balilty

In 2006, the Israeli authorities ordered the evacuation of illegal outposts like Amona. Oded, an Israeli Associated Press photographer, was present when the evacuation degenerated into violent clashes and unprecedented, between settlers and police. The image shows a brave woman to rebel against the authorities. 

5. World Trade Center 11/9 - Steve Ludlum

The power of Steve's photos is amazing, and the description made by it tends to dilute the impact. The consequences of the second aircraft crashing in New York WTC were devastating. fireballs erupted and smoke billowed from skyscrapers anticipating the collapse of the towers and monstrous dust clouds. 

4. After the Tsunami - Arko Datta

One of the most representative and striking photos of the aftermath of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. She was taken by Reuters photographer, Arko Datta in Tamil Nadu. He won the World Press Photo 2004 contest.

"After the Tsunami" illustrates an Indian woman in the sand with her arms outstretched, mourning a dead family member. His relative was killed by one of the largest and deadliest natural disasters ever seen, the Indian Ocean tsunami. 

3. Gas tragedy Bhopal 1984 - Pablo Bartholomew

Pablo is an acclaimed Indian photo journalist who captured the Bhopal gas tragedy for his lens. It's been 30 years since the worst industrial disaster in India that injured 558,125 people and killed 15,000.

Due to safety and maintenance procedures have been ignored in the Union Carbide India Limited, UCIL, the pesticide plant in Bhopal, resulted in a leak of methyl isocyanate gas and other chemicals have caused a huge disaster, environmental and human consequences.

Pablo ran photographer to document the catastrophe, and witnessed the scene of a man who was burying a child. 

2. Operation Lion Heart - Deanne Fitzmaurice

Deanne won the Pulitzer Prize in 2005, the photo essay "Operation Lion Heart". It is the story of an Iraqi boy of 9 years old who was seriously injured by an explosion.

This in one of the most violent conflicts in modern history, the war in Iraq. The boy was brought to a hospital in Oakland, California, where he had to undergo dozens of life and death surgery. 

1. Omayra Sanchez tragedy - Frank Fourier

Frank captured the tragic image of Omayra stuck in the mud among the collapsed buildings. The eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia in 1985 caused a landslide. And devastated cities, killing 25,000 people.

After three days of fighting, Omayra died of hypothermia and gangrene. His tragic death accentuated the failure of officials to respond quickly and save the victims of the worst natural disaster in Colombia.

Frank took this photo shortly before Omayra died. His agonizing death was followed live on TV by hundreds of millions of people around the world and started a real controversy.
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