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Top 10 Tips To Save On Car Insurance

The car insurance is an almost indispensable expense, especially for those who drive in big cities.

But did you know that gives to save the time of hiring? With patience to search, you find an insurance policy that fits your budget.

The coordinator of the Commission of the Union of Automobile Insurance Brokers São Paulo (Sincor-SP), Nilson Arello indicates some attitudes that will help you at this stage. Check it!

10 tips for hiring a cheaper insurance

1. Enjoy the competition and cote the price by at least three insurers. It is important to compare, because the values ​​are independent and vary widely among companies. "Each insurance company has its own price list," said Nilson.

2. Have all the information to your broker. As you depend on him to hire the safe, make sure you take all your questions and ask for help to find the best option for your driver profile.

3. Review the available toppings. "Instead of taking out insurance against theft, fire and collisions, you can choose only one or two of these options. This gives a discount on the total price, "teaches the Sincor-SP coordinator. Still, think carefully before removing a cover.

4. Hire the services you actually use. It is common for insurers offer facilities such as car booking, safe for glass, discounts in shops etc. But these benefits do not come for free. Then see what options there are and what they are worth.

5. Install a crawler. Most insurers, this system is free and can cheapen the policy up to 30%. This is because the tracker prevents the stolen cars are left in illegal miscarriages. Then, as the risk of losing the vehicle insurance is less, the price of insurance falls.

6. Be careful when adding a second driver. Having an additional person in the insurance can endear the value, especially if this person is under 25 years. But if the car will be used not only for you, do not hide the information.

7. Review the franchise. When you choose a higher deductible, you can lower the price of insurance. The disadvantage: in case of accidents and strikes, you will have to pay a high value to trigger insurance.

8. If you can, pay the insurance in sight. In addition to not tighten to the shares in the other months, you have a chance to negotiate a discount with the insurer.

9. If you do not pay cash, Parcel in less time. So you are free to spend so much interest that even more expensive the insurance premium.

10. Continue quoting other insurers. Not always the insurance you have will be the best option. This is because prices are subject to adjustment often. Then, search for other companies in the future when you need to renew the current contract.
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