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Top 10 foods that contribute to belly fat loss

All wish to have a dry stomach and ABS. The flat belly is not only a sign of being healthy, but also shows that there is careful with his own body. The weight loss industry is booming today and doing hundreds of 1,000,000 dollars each year. In this selection are highlighted the 10 foods that contribute to belly fat loss.

foods that contribute to belly fat loss

10° oatmeal
One way to avoid the attack of the snack in the morning is eat oatmeal for breakfast. Oats are rich in fiber and take longer to digest, so there is feeling of satiety in the morning and the desires for chocolate donuts disappear. Choose food with no added sugars and flavors, and sweeten with loaf of banana.

9° nuts and seeds
Flax seeds, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds and any other nuts or seeds possible help maintain lean belly by not letting the same full.
Not only that but are full of healthy oils and minerals. Purdue University did a study and found that people who ate nuts felt satisfied for longer than those who ate rice cakes.

8° Meat
Not just any kind of meat, white meat or lean meat is the best kind of meat to keep the fat away from your belly. The field, fish, chicken and steak whose grass feeding animal, are scientifically proven to burn fat.
In reality, there is a study which showed that the steak, the animal that had grass feed, contains conjugated linoleic acid natural. And what’s fascinating about eating proteins is that the body will burn 30% of your calories after eating protein-rich foods.

7° protein powder
The protein powder contains amino acids to build muscle and burn fat. Add two tablespoons of the powder along with skim milk or water, makes a burning abdominal fat. A positive point about the protein powder is a product easily found in stores of supplementation.

6° Oils
Are considered the types of oils that contain useful calories and not empty calories. The oils like coconut oil, canola oil and olive oil can actually help the body to burn fat. They do this by helping the body maintain cholesterol levels at least, and satisfy the wishes for which don’t finish eating unnecessary calories.

5° Eggs
Eggs are loaded with a lot of fat-burning protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, folate, choline and essential vitamins. The eggs Digest slowly so the person will feel fullness for a long time, reducing the chances of get a snack.

4° Legumes
Beans, white beans, and black beans are high in fiber, which helps the body get rid of toxic waste. In addition, fewer calories and are packed with proteins that will help you lose weight and tone up.
Start to prepare dishes with beans and be perceived improvement of the metabolism. Then, once a week, instead of eating meat, try eating a bean burrito.

3° green vegetables
Cabbage, broccoli, spinach, Arugula, and lettuce are all packed with essential vitamins and minerals and have few calories. Broccoli and spinach are loaded with fiber, which helps speed up metabolism and reduces constipation. Eat a salad before a meal will bring a greater sense of satiety so you only use small portions of food.

2° Peanut Butter
Peanut butter prevents the swelling of the stomach to keep the digestive system in progress thanks to the key ingredient known as niacin. As well as nuts and seeds, peanut butter keeps the person satiated for a long time, so don’t look for an unhealthy snack between meals fast.
However, since the peanut butter has a large amount of fat, you must limit the size of the portion. Eat this food can increase the level of cholesterol in the body.
Two tablespoons per day are sufficient. And when you go shopping, make sure you choose the all-natural peanut butter and avoid those that contain additional sugar.

1° green tea
Green tea is full of antioxidants and is believed to speed up metabolism and burn fat. According to a survey by Swiss researchers, drink green tea Burns 266 calories more than the normal tea.
And yet, in a report written by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they found that green tea extract makes the metabolism throughout the day.
When you buy green tea, avoid the bottle, because it was rendered, and as a result do not have many nutrients. It is recommended to drink a sachet of tea in a cup of water and drink it while it’s hot or add ice cubes to make iced tea. It is recommended that you drink 4 cups daily.

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