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5 Ways You Can Use Cannabis Plants Instead of Smoking Them


Is smoking cannabis in a cigarette or bong really the best way to enjoy marijuana? I’d say no. If you think back to the first time you ‘experimented’ with marijuana, you might recall the stinging sensation in your throat, or the fact that you couldn’t stop coughing, gasping for dear life while your friends laughed themselves silly. Ah, the days!

Let’s be frank here: smoking cannabis is a habit many find hard to break and years of inhaling it directly may have devastating consequences for your health, especially in the long run.

There was a time when marijuana was loathed, but now society’s view of this ‘magical’ plant are quickly changing as science has proven it to be beneficial, if used properly. Whether you’re smoking marijuana on a recreational basis or ingesting it for medical purposes, here are 5 great ways to enjoy your “weed” without the harmful effects of inhaling it directly:

1. Use as a Vaporizer

There’s no need to torch your marijuana with a big lighter to reap its aphrodisiac effects. When you consume cannabis through a vaporizer, the chemical compounds in it vaporize at a significantly lower and safer temperature, which drastically cuts down the harmful effects of inhaling it through smoke.

The vapor is easy on the lungs and the taste is something that’s comparable to, and in some cases, preferred over a combusted flower. You might want to go with the large table-top vaporizers which not only offer high-quality vapor but also boast advanced temperature settings. If you’re on a bit of a budget, get a small hand-held vaporizer that easily lets you take a harmless hit from your cannabis plant while on the move.

2. Use as a Consumable in Your Food/Drink

Still having trouble kicking the habit of smoking marijuana? An excellent and harmless alternative is cannabis-infused consumables. Interestingly, marijuana edibles have grown so much in terms of sheer diversity that you can infuse it with just about anything that makes use of butter or oil.

The obvious choice would be to get your marijuana-infused edibles from a retail shop or dispensary, but if you want to get a little creative, you can always infuse your daily dose with roasted garlic crackers, brownies (a crowd favorite) and even lemonade. Be careful though as you might end up taking a heavy dose in one sitting. It’s always a good idea to check with your general physician before preparing your very own cannabis-infused food or drink.

Since marijuana is going into your system through the digestive tract, it’s going to take a bit longer to show its effects and if you end up taking heavy doses, you might experience intense psychoactive effects once it has been properly digested.

3. Use as a Tincture

Did you know that tinctures used to be a highly popular way of consuming cannabis?

Tinctures are alcohol extractions of the marijuana plant and contain all 80 essential cannabinoids. A major benefit of consuming your cannabis this way is that there’s a very low risk of experiencing the prominent psychoactive effects that come as a result of unknowingly consuming too much through food and drink. And when you consume a concentrated dose this way, you enjoy not only better dose control but facilitate a quick release into your system.

Tinctures are applied under the tongue directly and a variety of doses, flavors and “cannabinoid profiles” are available according to your individual preferences and/or medical needs.

4. Use as a Topical

If the idea of cannabis-infused balms and lotions appeals to you, you should turn to topicals. They are administered by applying to the skin directly to find quick relief from pain, inflammation and soreness. As with tinctures, topicals also have the ability to treat symptoms minus the psychoactive effects we mentioned earlier. So if you’re looking to forego the euphoric high completely and enjoy the health benefits of cannabis while having a clear head, topicals work great.

Go to any local dispensary and you might come across a multitude of options, which also include soothing, sweet-smelling balms that give immediate relief to soreness without the associated head high. Topicals also work well to speed up recovery from sunburns, cuts, insect bites and injuries since they have antibacterial properties.

5. Use as a Medicinal Beverage

Believe it or not, there are cannabis-infused smoothies, teas, juices and sodas easily available. You can also try DIY recipes by steeping a bud and a small chunk of wax or tincture in hot water. Proceed to add your favorite tea bag and enjoy the stress-relieving and energizing effects.

Cannabis, if consumed in a healthy manner, can be very healthy. While authorities are busy planning changes to the law, you should consider one of the above-mentioned alternatives to using this magical plant.

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