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This Is What “American Food” Looks Like According To The Rest Of The World

American food section in England

This is the American section in a New Zealand grocery store

Image credits: not_charles_grodin

American food section in France

Image credits: imgur

The “USA” section at the local Galleria upscale grocery. Note: poptarts, Swiss Miss, syrup. Basically, Diabetes.

Image credits: Caleb_Denison

belgian grocery store’s american section is just pop and guac mix

Image credits: GillianKloet


American section of international grocery store in Amsterdam

Image credits: SilentGinGhost

Our grocery store in Dublin now has a “USA” section

Image credits: WaterPM

The American food section in a Finnish grocery store will always amuse me. Hot sauce EVERYWHERE

Image credits: Kisumisuja

In Sweden they have an American food section

Image credits: viktor72

American section in a Spanish supermarket sums up the stereotype

Image credits: SolomonPastor3

Denmark. This is a typical ‘American’ section in a Scandinavian grocery store.

Image credits: Couzin_Vinny

This fancy Colombian grocery store has a section for us foreigners from the USA. Hot chocolate and peanut butter ftw!

Image credits: liz315


Image credits: dayus9

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