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MG E-motion concept: Electric coupe images leaked


The MG E-motion concept has been leaked ahead of its debut at the 2017 Shanghai motor show later this week.

This grainy image, and the accompanying sketches, were published by Autocar, and show a concept car that brings MG back to its two-door sports car heritage.


Access to the interior is a via a set of pop-up doors, while the car’s front is dominated by a diamond grille seemingly inspired by those used on AMG-tuned Mercedes-Benz models.

Details about the two-door, four-seat sports car are scarce, but reports indicate that the concept is envisioned as a pure electric car.

According to the Chinese car website Autohome, the MG E-motion is capable of completing the 0-100km/h dash in under four seconds, and has a range of over 500 kilometres.


If the E-motion does get the nod for production, it could help to reset the brand’s image and be a halo vehicle for the marque that’s now under the control of SAIC.

The Chinese automaker, which has partnerships with Volkswagen and General Motors, has owned MG since 2007 after the independently run MG Rover Group collapsed.

After initially soldiering on with the MG TF roadster, and derivatives of the Rover 75, SAIC has used the MG marque to sell a variety of hatches, sedans and crossovers that were designed in-house.

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