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70+ Adorable Animals Who Came To Say ‘Hi’

Some animals live in packs, some wander alone but all of them need a little love. So much so, that sometimes they decide to visit humans to say ‘hi’. Bored Panda has collected pictures of some of the most unexpected animal visits that humans had which prove friendships are universal and not bound by the number of legs.

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From a raccoon chilling on a porch, to an owl at a Super Bowl party – these animals seek human companionship just as much as we seek theirs. It’s nice to know that despite our industrial attempts to screw up nature some creatures still believe that deep down we’re all of the same kind. Scroll down to vote for your favorite images and let us know in the comments why you liked them!

Found this little guy hiding in my daughters shirt

Image credits: Lonobot

Found this little guy taking a nap on my deck.

Image credits: Sfrodo

This little guy was watching us through the window tonight.

Image credits: Warren867

Found this fuzzy little guy hanging out on my deck yesterday

Image credits: MEIKA94

My dad found this little guy trekking across the back yard, chomping dandelions like a boss, and picking fights with the dogs.

Image credits: robot_cheetahs

A friend of mine found this cute little guy as he was doing yard work. Not even old enough to have teeth.

Image credits: Zubei_

Almost ran over this little guy on the bike trails by my house, keys for size

Image credits: ifukeenrule

Came downstairs to see this little guy making himself right at home

Image credits: Studystand

Security light went off at 1 am. This little guys found my dog’s ball

Image credits: scaredoftheman

This little guy jumped onto our boat strolled into the cabin and made himself at home on the couch

Image credits: Osbaston

This little homeless guy just showed up at my inspection

Image credits: deadmans_chungs

Saw this little guy while working on lawns this morning

Image credits: ctmackus

Found this super cute little guy wandering about abandoned

Image credits: Rathmar

Found this super cute little guy wandering about abandoned

Image credits: Rathmar

When I found this baby killdeer I knew you guys would be all plover it. Look at his little dinosaur legs.

Image credits: Fourhand

I live by the beach and this little guy just popped by for a visit

Image credits: jraines

Found this little guy while mowing

Image credits: SMaddox50

Found this little guy sitting outside my front door this morning

Image credits: flysky123

Saw this guy on our rug last night. At first I thought it was an earthworm, then noticed the scales and teeny little eyes.

Image credits: thomasbomm

Found this little guy outside my patio…He decided to jump up on my foot

Image credits: Kyle079

This little guy jumped up in my work truck with me for a bit. Best day ever!

Image credits: Mardrayn

I live in Hawaii and found this cute little guy today

Image credits: hcobi

Managed to see and save this little guy while mowing the lawn this afternoon.

Image credits: iLuke94

Every morning this little guy would visit our job site 100 yards from his home just to say hello. Today he dressed up

Image credits: IronValkyrie

This little guy tried jumping in the work truck with me the other day.

Image credits: Chuggy_13

Found this little guy hiding under my lawn mower. (Don’t worry, his mom came back for him)

Image credits: stalltilyouhaul

This little guy jumped onto my kayak in New Zealand

Image credits: stephensg

My dad found this box turtle nine years ago and let it loose in his yard. He pops up again every year in the spring. Fresh from hibernation, here’s Gustav the resident backyard box turtle.

Image credits: Business-is-Boomin

There has been a stray cat outside of my house since summer. Today we decided to let him inside to stay warm and a few hours later we found him like this!

Image credits: LoganMichael3

My mom works at a farm store and found this cutie in the hay today

Image credits: amoeba666

Found this pink grasshopper today

Image credits: Wolfhole

Baby Possum got into our house last night. This is how we found it this morning

Image credits: MAStalone

I was hearing creepy noises outside all night, found these monsters this morning.

Image credits: TheEightDoctor

Just found this 4 kitties next to home.

Image credits: Reksahr

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