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BMW 6 Series coupe quietly slips out of production


Let’s pause a moment to remember the BMW 6 Series coupe, which quietly went out of production during February this year.

A spokesperson for BMW confirmed this fact recently with Road & Track. Despite it being the end of the line for the 6 Series coupe, it seems as though the two-door convertible and four-door Gran Coupe will continue in production for the time being.

The car is still listed for sale by BMW Australia. It’s not clear, at this stage, how much stock Australia and other markets still have on hand.

BMW 6 Series Coupe and Convertible

Recent spy photos of a coupe with M components, a convertible, and a regular coupe indicate BMW plans on replacing the 6 Series, although reports over the last year or so indicate the Bavarian automaker may ditch the 6 Series name in favour of the 8 Series badge.

If the 8 Series name is revived for the 6 Series’ replacement, expect the car to pitched and priced further upmarket, and positioned as more of a luxurious grand tourer.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe-21

In the admittedly small sports cars over $200,000 category, the 6 Series range, including coupes, convertible and Gran Coupes, closed out 2016 in third place with 164 sales, down from 2015’s 205.

The 6 Series range was well behind the Porsche 911 (422) and just behind the entire Ferrari lineup (188).

In the larger and more influential US market, according to Good Car Bad Car, the 6 Series range found just 3947 buyers in 2016, down almost 52 per cent from the year before.

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