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Capturing The Personalities Of Animals

As a creative portrait photographer my day to day job involves capturing the personalities of characters in unique art images commercially. I got bored of looking at pictures of animals looking like they are inanimate objects when they have as much, if not more personality than humans! So I had a go myself, and here’s what I came up with…..

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Someone got the ‘Boudoir Shoot’ memo


Fish Picnic

That moment when y’r trying to hide from the annoying woman with camera, and realise the net’s got holes in it…

Best Pose

White Tash

Standing Tall

‘Octoprancer’ – When the Octopus spots your camera and starts busting out some shapes


A Little Otter

Mice Would Be Nice

We All Have That One Friend


Gone Fishing



Time Out

How Rude :P

Two Emu

Cheeky Monkey Again

Cheeky Monkey

from Boredpanda
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