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Introducing Henry, The Horseshoe Hound Raising Funds For Dog Rescue

Meet Henry, the little hound made from donated horseshoes. Named after Henry Bear, Michelle and Andys beloved Westie, who’s death at 15 led the couple to discover Chimney Farm International Dog Rescue and adopt their first Romanian Stray, Minnie Minx.

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We saw what was happening to the dogs in Romania and just couldn’t turn a blind eye. Raising funds and awareness through our artwork seemed to be a good way to go. Horseshoes4Hounds was born and needed a hound. It took a while to come up with the design for Henry, who stands approximately 20cms tall, depending on what he is doing. We wanted to make something postable, fun, affordable and easily posed in different positions. Michelle designed the first ‘sitting Henry’. Inspired by the very beautiful Mrs Pepperpot, the couples second adopted Romanian Stray, with her floppy ears, goofy grin and great big feet.

Henry is completely upcycled, his body is made from horseshoes, ears from horseshoe nails and nose from bearings. Henry can have a ball in his mouth, a brilliant horseshoe nail bone or a lolling tongue created with a splatted nail. He can be shiney polished or forced rust laquered finish.

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Introducing Henry, the Horseshoe Hound

By Michelle at Horseshoes4Hounds. Goofy little dog made from donated horseshoes.

Henry Bear

Henry lived to the ripe old age of 15. We gave his bed to Minnie Minx a stray dog from Romania and Horseshoes4Hounds was born.

The First Henry – Michelle realised she had made Mrs Pepperpot

Henry’s goofyness, big feet and cheery personality is Mrs Pepperpot to a tea.

Mrs Pepperpot in Romania

We fell in love.

Sniffing Henry

Tail waving, Henry sniffs the wind.

Henry gives a paw

Please play with me.

Henry has a bone

Michelles favourite, the horseshoe nail bone.

Poohing Henry

No explanation needed.

Peeing Henry

The reason Henry is a boy, we had to have him cocking a leg.

Mrs Pepperpot today

She so lovely.

Walking the dogs on the great plains of Salisbury.

Mrs Pepperpots first walk on the plains with Michelle, Minnie Minx and Fredward Flintdog. Freddie has been a rock to Pepper and Minx. Showing them we can be trusted and providing comfort and confidence.

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