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It Was Love At First Site

My bright blue eyes peered out at people as they walked back and forwards. Picking up items and disappearing again, never to be seen. Where am I? All I want to do is play and be free to roam around in my own home. I love my brothers and sisters but where is Mum and Dad?

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At night I get a little bit scared but then I snuggle into my siblings, the warmth of their bodies comfort me.

Today someone came and took my sister. Where has she gone? Is he coming back to get me too? Hours pass but they don’t return. I hear a bang as a door closes and then, darkness.

I lay there, not moving, I can hear a lot of strange noises coming from around me. Other animals stuck in a similar situation. After a few hours I manage to fall asleep.

Click click, I see a door open and then brightness. Lights are back on. Something feels a bit different about today. In comes a bunch of faces I have never seen before. A man and a woman start talking to all of us. I can’t understand them but I talk back to them anyway. I run up and down my enclosure, showing them my speed and agility! They seem different, more like the people who took my sister. I wonder if they will take me?

“Excuse me sir” says the man to a guy I see everyday. He says, “I will take this little boy here”. I don’t know what that means but he is pointing at me. They disappear for a moment. Is the man and the lady coming back? I see them! I jump up at the glass with excitement. Suddenly the guy I see everyday appears behind me and opens the door, he reaches in and takes me out.

As I am handed to the man, the lady comes in and starts cuddling me and doing this weird thing. For some reason she is putting her lips against me and it is making this weird mwah noise.

Long story short, my name is Floki and I now live with a grown up Husky named Maya! I have my own toys, my very own bed and most importantly a Mum and Dad who love me very much. I simply couldn’t be happier!


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 Photography by Get Wild Studio.

from Boredpanda
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