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Leonardo da Vinci ‘Relics’ Found That Can Potentially Provide His DNA

Researchers in Italy have located 2 undisclosed ‘relics’ that once belonged to Leonardo da Vinci himself.

The objects were uncovered during a decades-long genealogical study in to da Vinci’s household and include what’s believed to be the first known biological proof of the Renaissance genius.

If this turns out to be true then it might make it possible to study samples of his DNA.

“I can not yet disclose the nature of these relics,” mentioned historian Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the Museo Ideale in Vinci – the city in which da Vinci was born in 1452. “I can only say that each are historically associated with Leonardo da Vinci. One is an object, the other is organic material.”

Leonardo Da Vinci‘s earthly remains were thought to have been lost before the turn of the 19th century, however in 1863 a skeleton was unearthed at the church of Saint-Florentin in France with an inscription which read “LEO DUS VINC”, leading many to believe that his body had been discovered.

It seems that the just lately announced relics may be closely connected to this discovery.

“We’ve verified its historical accuracy, and we are able to now say the relic is associated to the skeleton unearthed in 1863,” mentioned historian Agnese Sabato.

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