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Maserati forging ahead with Levante plug-in hybrid, but not at expense of driving pleasure


The Maserati brand name is associated with speed, performance and noise, but the brand understands a need to move toward fuel-efficient technologies to remain relevant in the current market.

Last year Maserati CEO, Harald Wester, confirmed that Maserati would develop a plug-in hybrid version of the Levante for overseas market.

Given it is expected to account for less than 10 per cent of sales, the model will share plug-in hybrid technology with the FCA Group — the new Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid specifically.


But, boss of Maserati’s overseas markets, Umberto Cini, told CarAdvice that Maserati‘s plug-in hybrid will drive like a Maserati, regardless of its powertrain, or its origins.

“If it will be a Maserati — Maserati means many things. One of these things is the pleasure of driving. If we can deliver with hybrid technology or electric technology the same feeling that you can deliver with the current product range, why not,” Cini said.


“In any case, there will be something already developed in that direction.”

Given the Levante sits on the same platform as Ghibli and Quattroporte, we are also likely to see plug-in hybrid versions of these luxury sedans in the coming years.

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