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Skoda Element: Trainee-built electric buggy concept revealed

The Skoda Element electric beach buggy concept was unveiled overnight, and is the latest in a line of apprentice-built vehicles from the Czech automaker.

Based on the Citigo hatch, basically a Volkswagen Up with a different grille and front bumper, the Skoda Element eschews any modicum of weather protection. Under the bonnet, the Element uses the drivetrain from the electric e-Up.

In the road-going e-Up, the 60kW/210Nm electric motor and 18.7kWh lithium-ion battery are good for an NEDC driving range of 159 kilometres.

Designing and creating the Element required a total of 1500 hours from 22 out of the 900 students enrolled in Skoda’s apprenticeship program. Key changes include removing the doors and roof, redesigning the side of the vehicle, and fitting a lid for the boot.

Other changes to the car include black bonnet and window stripes, heavily bolstered bucket seats trimmed in leather and fake suede, raised suspension, wheel arch protectors, and a high-volume sound system.

In what has become an annual tradition, the Element is the fourth concept car to be built by Skoda’s trainees. It follows on from 2014’s CitiJet, the 2015 Funstar ute based on the Fabia, and the 2016 Atero coupe based on the Rapid Spaceback.

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