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Mitsubishi sales concept store opens in Geelong

Mitsubishi and Geelong-based dealership group Kings Cars have opened an interactive ‘vehicle concept’ showroom in Westfield Geelong.

Joining a slew of shopping centre pop-up shops from a number of brands including Tesla and Subaru, Mitsubishi’s new pilot store allows customers to experience the company’s range without having to deal with the pressures of a traditional automotive retail environment.

The interactive vehicle sales concept store offers the traditional showroom layout, along with the ability to experience Mitsubishi vehicles via Virtual Reality or test drive from the dedicated parking bays located near the store. Existing owners are even able to have their vehicle serviced while they shop.

John Signorella, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Australia, said: “This is an exciting new direction which will give us the opportunity to explore new ways of interacting with customers”.

“This pilot store will allow us to take the Mitsubishi brand to the people and give us access to a wider more diverse audience in a more relaxed retail environment.”

“We aim to incorporate and test new technology, studying new operational models and use this experience to develop our existing and future network to better serve our customers,” he added.

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