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Video: Craig Lowndes tests screaming twin-turbo V6 Commodore supercar


Set to make its debut appearance for the Australian Supercars Championship in 2018, Triple Eight has revealed a preview of its new turbocharged V6 engine at full song.

Driven by Craig Lowndes at Paul Morris’ Norwell race track, the new Commodore V6 supercar will represent a massive departure from the naturally aspirated V8s currently used by the team.

While it’s not due for a full rollout until 2019, the turbocharged V6 will run in a series of wildcard races next year while the team continues development of the engine.

In line with Holden‘s local manufacturing departure from Australia, fans are split on whether the noise of a V6 will ruin the experience for fans.

Ironically, while Holden always sold a V8 Commodore alongside the V8 supercar, the Commodore VXR will be sold with a naturally aspirated V6, as opposed to a turbocharged one like the race car.

The team began track testing the turbocharged V6 last month, with 400km of testing completed so far. The testing has all been done in a Holden Sandman Supercar the team developed for prototyping and promotional work.

Sit back and enjoy the sound of this turbocharged V6 in action!

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