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Guy Writes A Genius Poem On Tinder And Its Secret Message Is Hilarious

Tinder is overall a wild experience, considering many conversations often go south (pun intended) real quick. Navigating through weird matches is not an easy task, but every once in a while it is possible to find people who stand out from the crowd. Reddit user drewhead118 came to the playground prepared, employing his unique writing skills to get a girl’s number, and perhaps even more.

The guy carefully crafted a genius puzzle into the sonnet that a girl he matched with, Emilia, requested and it was surely an interesting read. Scroll down below to see what this modern Shakespeare wrote and find out if it worked!

Yesterday, one guy shared his Tinder chat, proud of the genius sonnet he wrote for a girl he matched with

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Luckily it worked with Emilia, even though his previous attempt was not that successful

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And people were quick to express their opinions








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