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Cars can now be made from marijuana

It seems that there are no limits when it comes to innovation. Scientists have successfully developed automobile tires made from dandelion and, to top it off, built a sports car of marijuana.

Continental Tires company has developed a tire made from dandelion, species originating in Russia containing latex substance already used for rubber manufacturing. The official name of the substance that is extracted from the plant, is Taraxagum.

According to the company, the dandelion can be used for tire production in a period of 10 years. Another favorable point of the material is that it is less sensitive to climate change and its roots produce the latex in a period of 1 year, much smaller period than the rubber trees, which take seven years to develop.

Already the car, announced site was developed by Bruce Dietzen, Florida automotive industry entrepreneur. The body of the vehicle was built with hemp fiber, fabric made from the cannabis plant. Product was placed around a Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Three layers of the material, considered to be lighter and stronger than those normally used for cars such as glass and steel fibers were used to coat the automobile. The prototype cost $ 200,000.
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