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Leaked photos of the new Porsche Panamera

Presentation will be on June 28. Mark has already released the new teaser video, highlight the Paris Motor Show in September

Before the launch of the new generation of the Porsche Panamera in Berlin (Germany), scheduled for next Tuesday, the 28th, here are some official photos of the car just leaked on the internet. After the German premiere, the car will be among the big stars of the Paris Motor Show (France) in September.

Despite the brand to mystery over novelty details, which has the same profile of the current model (see what we think of it), Ja know what will be some of the changes to be adopted.

One major change is the new MSB platform, able to be used on models with rear or all wheel drive. Additionally, there are new V6 and V8 engines, such as turbo 4.0. And less weight, which will certainly contribute not only performance, but also with the fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Inside, the environment will become more technological, with new multimedia system and configurable instruments according to the customer's taste. Less buttons and features independent rear seats are also part of the new package of changes in the Panamera. Check out the teaser video released by Porsche.

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