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The 10 poorest countries in the world 2016

São Paulo - The world has made progress in the fight against poverty, but it follows at alarming levels. In countries such as Malawi and Liberia, the per capita income does not reach thousand dollars a year per person.

In the Central African Republic, the poorest of all, the life expectancy is 50.7 years (24 less than in Brazil).

Recently, Global Finance Magazine has compiled a list of the 10 poorest countries in the world in GDP per capita in purchasing power parity.

PPP uses based on the actual cost price and services, as all countries have a common currency, and not the nominal value given the exchange rates, which are volatile and give disproportionate weight to those who have hard currency.

Here are the rankings and also the population data, life expectancy and in the ranking of HDI (Human Development Index) of the United Nations in each country:

1. Central African Republic

Children look projectile found in the field of Al-Abassi refugees in northern Darfur, the Central African Republic (Photo: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah / Files / Reuters)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 639
Population 4.6 million
Life expectancy 50.7 years
HDI ranking 187th of 188

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo (Getty Images)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 753 
Population 67.5 million
Life expectancy 58.7 years
HDI ranking 176th of 188

3. Malawi

Children in Malawi (Getty Images)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 819
Population 16.3 million
Life expectancy 62.8 years
HDI ranking 173 of 188

4. Liberia

Profusion of cars in traffic Liberia (Getty Images)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 934
Population 4.2 million
Life expectancy 60.9 years
HDI ranking 177th of 188

5. Burundi

Burundi (Wikimedia Commons / Andreas31)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 951
Population 10 million
Life expectancy 56.7 years
HDI ranking 184th of 188


Children drink water from a makeshift source in Niger (Getty Images)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 1,069
Population 18 million
Life expectancy 61.4 years
HDI ranking 188th of 188

7. Mozambique

Children run through the flood waters in Chokwe, near the Limpopo in Mozambique in 2011 (Johannes Myburgh / AFP)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 1,208
Population 26 million
Life expectancy 55.1 years
HDI ranking 180th of 188

8. Eritrea

Eritrea (David Stanley / Flickr / CreativeCommons)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 1,210
Population 6.3 million
Life expectancy 63.7 years
HDI ranking 186th of 188

9. Guinea

Guinea Population (AFP)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 1,388.74
Population 12 million
Life expectancy 58.8 years
HDI ranking 182 of 188

10. Madagascar

Gold mining in Madagascar (Mike Cohen / Bloomberg News)

GDP per capita (PPP) US $ 1,477
Population 23 million
Life expectancy 65.1 years
HDI ranking 154th of 188
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