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Top 10 Fastest Animals In The World

It is interesting to remember the greatest sprinter of all time, bi Olympic and world champion Usain Bolt a legend. The Jamaican with world records in the 100 and 200 meter dash, reaches in their average speeds evidence above 40 km / h, with redefining the limits of human speed.

However, this selection is set 10 fastest animals in the world, and the level of simple and direct comparison, the animals win by much higher speed displayed.

10. Zebra - 64 km / h

Zebra and one of the fastest animals

Zebras by African savannas are great targets for lions and get back into marathon against predators. However, they are not cut so easily, since the speed considering the stripes, produces the visual effect of confusing cats; as they see in black and white, and are not able to differentiate the animal silhouette, with the possibility for errors. 

9. Coyote - 69 km / h

Coyote among the fastest animals

The coyote is canid in North America and has developed skill that the menu is not limited to the bird, and hares, deer and faster animals are defined as prey. The coyote is also able to eat fruits, snakes, carrion and insects. 

8. Duck-eider - 76 km / h

Eider duck-flies very fast

The eider duck-lives most of the time at sea, with dives to find food, ie, starfish and shellfish. But it is not to swim that it achieves the highest speed, but in flight, to migrate south before the onset of winter to their natural habitat. 

7. Gnu - 80 km / h

Gnu among the fastest animals in the world

Gnu is relative the buffalo, cows and antelopes, and one of the largest African mammals. Even reaching 270 kg, this animal needed to develop skills of the race, in order to escape leopards, hyenas and lionesses. Gnu is herbivorous and, in general, live in group, migrating long distances to find food and water. 

6. Leone - 80 km / h

Lionesses are called hunters cream and still able to shoot so fast in short distance, especially when hunting. The reason is that many of prey are very fast, the gnu is an example. Factors contributing to run more comfortable and light weight, such as weight, around 180 kg and lack of thick hair. 

5. Gazelle-thompson - 80 km / h

Thompson gazelle among the fastest animals in the world

It is very common species in Africa, living in groups of about 50 animals. And measures on average not exceeding 60 cm, weighing 25 kg; the small can realize curves of speed and efficiency, and help to escape the cheetah predator. 

4. Pronghorn - 98 km / h

This special feature is by evolutionary question, ie escape the predator is extinct American cheetah. Pronghorn is quadruped and was the target of American pioneers, almost being extinct. Salvation is by hunting ban, totaling more than 3 million, North America. 

3. Garfish-sailing - 110 km / h

It is also popular as swordfish, and lives in tropical oceans. The Garfish-sailing has the end of the long and pointed snout, which helps in cutting the water pressure, with increased speed for locomotion. So, there's help to escape from predators, like the man himself, and to catch small fish. 

2. Cheetah - 115 km / h

The cheetah's body helps in agility movements, and nails always remain exposed and if they stick to the ground to avoid skidding in curves.

The long tail and slender trunk assist in wind shear and for balance; have black lines under the eyes are responsible for preventing the sun's reflection to disrupt hunts by day. The impressive rush is 72 km / h. 

1. Peregrine falcon - 320 km / h

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world, with maximum speed in hunting. To reach the prey, it closes its wings, air diving, using gravity in favor; It is thus reached 320 km / h or almost maximum speed F1 car, reaching 370 km / h.

The animal is between 38 and 53 cm in length and can reach up to 1.5 kg. Lives by the northern hemisphere, Canada and the United States, and birds make up their food like pigeons. The hawk migrates to Brazil in spring season, being possible to see even in large cities, to nest on cliffs exchange for top of skyscrapers.
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