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Top 10 Shocking Cases Prove That Reincarnation Is Real

Reincarnation is a fundamental belief of many religions and individuals. However, there is no scientific proof of a new life after death, a new beginning. 

Which leaves us perplexed by the actual facts of children who remember past lives. They have detailed knowledge of the name of their families, where they lived and how they died. In this selection are highlighted 10 cases shocking that prove that reincarnation is real.

1. A boy murdered finds its own killer

A boy of 3 years old of Golan Heights began to tell his family that he had been murdered in a past life. The boy had a large red birthmark on his head.

He turned to the man by name and he answered. He then told the man he once was his neighbor and that he had killed with an ax. The man would have been white. Then the boy said he even knew where he had been buried and took the people to the place where a body with an ax wound was discovered soil. 9th

2. Steve Jobs - A celestial warrior?

Steve Jobs has been reincarnated? Tony Tseung, a software engineer at Apple, would have sought some stretch of the mind over the death of Jobs to contact a group of Buddhist monks in Thailand. The group responded by explaining that Steve Jobs has been reincarnated as a philosopher-warrior heavenly.

They kept insisting that Jobs had not gone far. In fact, he's sitting right above his old office at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California in a glass palace. He is also apparently being attended by several servants. 8th

3. World War II Memories

A boy named James Leininger Louisiana began to remember a past life when he was only 2 years old. James began to have horrible, recurring nightmares, that woke in the night.

In dreams, he was stuck on a plane crashing. When he was 3 years old, he told his parents that he had been a pilot whose plane had been shot down by the Japanese.

He gave his parents quite detailed information. He said his name was Jack Huston and his plane had flown a boat called the Natoma and he had been shot down at Iwo Jima.

James' father went to find out that a man named James Huston USS Natoma Bay had indeed his plane shot down during the operation of Iwo Jima. James also gave extensive information about the life of the family of James Huston. 7

4. Boy born as his grandfather

Gus Taylor was a boy whose grandfather had died a year before he was born. When Gus had a little over a year old, he started to say it was his grandfather. After he completed four years, while looking at the photographs of the old family he was able to identify them, he pointed to the image of his grandfather. 6

5. A reborn baby?

A woman named Lisa had a son named Kevin who had died when he was just a child. He had undergone several treatments in his short life. Lisa remarried later and had baby girl and a baby boy named Patrick years later.

Patrick started talking about the life of Kevin when he was old enough to talk. Lisa also noted that Patrick had a problem in the same leg that Kevin had suffered, and he was really blind in his left eye, something that had happened to Kevin shortly before he died. Patrick knew information about the life of Kevin. 

6. Haunts Hollywood

An Oklahoma boy named Ryan began to tell his mother that he was homesick regularly, and begging her to take him to his home in Hollywood.

His mother took some library books about Hollywood and see a picture of a black and antique white film called Night After Night, Ryan pointed to a picture of a man and said, "I am!". Ryan was able to remember details of his ancient family which turned out to be true about the lives of the actors. 4 °

7. Sore throat of an old injury

Edward, an Austrian 4-year-old complained several times of a sore throat. He said his mother very detailed stories of being a soldier during the First World War. He explained that he had been shot in the throat and died.

His mother took him to the doctor to have the pain in the throat checked. Doctors could not find any reason to explain that his throat was sore, but as a precaution, the doctor decided to remove Edward's tonsils.

After they had been removed, a cyst has developed on the back of her throat. The doctors were not sure how to handle it. As the father of Edward encouraged him to discuss the previous life he was remembering the pain seemed to dissipate, as did the cyst, something her doctors could not explain. 

8. A new family is an old

A girl named Ampan reported memories of a former life to 5 years old. Ampan said she was talking about Buhom, it was a neighboring village. Ampan told her parents that she had died in a hospital for dengue fever. She said her name had been Somwong.

After their arrival in Buhom, Ampan took his mother to a house, and said it had been her. A woman came to the door and Ampan called her mother. This woman had a daughter who had died Somwong called on Dengue fever hospital.

The woman allowed Ampan and his family entered and Ampan asked for an amulet that had Somwong and gave directions where to find it. The amulet was where she had said it would be. two

9. It's seven hours in 1787!

Olivia was a British girl who one day when asked about the time of day by her mother, she said it was around seven hours in 1787. At 3 years old, Olivia told his mother that his name used to be Daisy Robinson.

Some time later she told her who died because she had not eaten. His mother found it interesting because Olivia always had a big appetite. She said she had lived in a small village in England where everyone knew each other.

When her mother asked her what happened when she died, she said very seriously that followed the air and was turned into dust before returning again. 

10. The search for Bridey Murphy

A well-known tale of reincarnation is the supposed Bridey Murphy, a woman from Colorado named Virginia Tighe, she was chosen to have hypnosis sessions for a man of his city, called Morey Bernstein.

It was said that once under hypnosis, Virgina began speaking with a heavy Irish accent. She said she was born in 1798 and had named Bridey Murphy. Morey Bernstein recorded the sessions and wrote a best-selling book about the story.
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