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Enveloping cars: Customization Tips

Enveloping cars is an increasingly common practice among those who want to customize your vehicle. There are, however, many doubts and misconceptions about the practice, which still circulate in the middle.

Check out the answer to the most common questions about the envelopment of cars:

What is enveloping cars?

The jacketing is the use of a large vinyl decal or adhesive. It is applied directly over the original paint of the car.

This application allows the car appearance to be modified very quickly, and allows the process to be reversed simply by removing the adhesive. This causes you can revert the vehicle to its original look with ease.

What the process involves enveloping cars?

There are basically three stages to the envelopment of cars and other vehicles:

  • The first is the phase of the design, which includes getting the correct measurements of vehicles and develop the look of the chart that will be applied on it.
  • The second phase is the production, which is necessary to the adhesive printing and laminating, protecting it from abrasions and UV rays, which would make the desbotarem colors, if there were no protection.
  • The third phase is the installation. This is the stage that occurs when the adhesive is applied to the vehicle.

What is the difference between total and partial enveloping

The answer to this question is simple. Any enveloping cars involving less than the complete car is called partial. No distinction in relation to the area of ​​the car to be enveloped.

The procedure can include the entire rear of the vehicle over the rear half of, or just specific parts - such as door or hood. When there is talk in complete envelopment, generally refers to any car - which may or may not include the ceiling.

How long does the enveloping the vehicle?

It depends on the quality of material, installation and vehicle use. The average varies between one and five years in total.

Enveloping cars affect the original painting?

No. Where the service is performed by a competent professional, it will not damage the original paint of the car. The adhesive does not damage or generate rust in the paint. On the other hand, if the car paint is peeling, it is possible that the adhesive pull the pieces peeled.

It is necessary to wash the car before the envelopment?

Yes, the vehicle must be free of dust, dirt, oils, waxes or any other agent that hinders the adhesion of the adhesive to the surface during the installation process. professionals ensure that the car is absolutely clean before starting the process.

How long the enveloping cars takes?

In general, a car can be enveloped in a day or less.

If the sticker is damaged, there is repair?

Yes, you can usually replace the damaged area with an adhesive in good condition without this being noticed by others. This means that you do not need to redo the whole enveloping again, if the damage is limited to specific areas.
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