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Top 10 most expensive software in the world

This is the age of technology where all yearn for animations, special effects and 3D graphics in movies and especially in video games. There are many softwares for several famous developers that offer high-tech unreal, but next to the effects of life in movies.
All production dedicated to the world of entertainment, or for the business environment requires robust tools, updated, requiring the maximum of the available technologies. Tools, which usually has a high cost.

Top 10 most expensive software in the world

Check out this selection are the 10 most expensive software in the world:

10° Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0-$ 1990
Adobe Acrobat version 3 features Acrobat Catalog, uses and supports Portable Document Format (PDF files simply), the Distiller printer driver and search, and is no longer available for use as per Tweet.
Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0 is one of the most expensive software of the time, with $ 1990 value. It is now featured in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Pro. The version was released in November 1996.

9° VxWorks RTOS-$ 2100
VxWorks, a real-time operating system (RTOS), manufactured as software/closed source, comes with more than 1.5 billion devices in extraordinary cost $ 2,100.
The RTOS is designed for Wind River, United States, and was released in 1987 for embedded systems basically. The operating system works in Linux and UNIX machine and has been used extensively in robotics, aircraft, and transport for communication purposes.

8° RenderWare-$ 2500
Renderware with a value of $ 2500 is a product of Criterion Games, favorite among video game enthusiasts and admirers of entertainment. The software is eighth in this selection.
And the specifications of the software to give possible solution for illustrations and PS2 programming runs on both iPhones and windows and video games, including Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, and PlayStation 3. The creation of planets and unreal worlds is its most interesting feature.

7° Unreal Engine-$ 3100
Unreal Engine is done in C++, basically, is a game engine and has been of use to generate virtual conditions in movies and games. The mechanism of development of the game was released by Epic Games, basically designed for first person shooter games and initially used in Unreal.
The mechanism is mainly used in games, has a high degree of portability and can be obtained from the high price of $ 3100. 4 Engine is its latest verdict while Unreal Engine UDK is available to ordinary users.

6° Auto Cad-$ 3,500
Auto Cad is a commonly used software application for the design and architecture of buildings, and includes 2D and 3D modeling. Auto Cad was developed and released by Autodesk in 1982 as a desktop application and as web mobile, and cloud-based application later, now available free and a premium version.
It is widely used by engineers, architecture, planners, project managers and also by designers. The price of the application is $ 3500, being sixth place in this selection.

5° Autodesk Maya – $ 5,510
Featured after writing Hindi Sanskrit – Maya (illusions), Autodesk Maya is 3D graphics and animation software, used to create high-tech graphics, originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation and currently owned by Autodesk.
The animation software is available for the price of $ 5,510 and runs on several operating systems such as Windows, OS X and Linux. The software has been used to create 3D effects in animated films, video games, television shows, among others.

4° Core Impact Pro – $ 7,500
Core Impact Pro Security software is one of the most powerful tools and currently faces. He specializes in check the PC desktop to large companies and make the disk drives protected from cyber-attacks and malware.
The software costs $ 7,500, but their specifications justify the value. In addition, the security software also checks the underlying data and was developed as a permanent part of desktop. Their versions 10.0 and 10.5 are very famous, as its features.

3° Softimage Face Robot $ 8,190
Softimage Face Robot $ 8,190 is a 3D computer graphics made by Autodesk and is characterized by generation of computerized facial animations, 3D graphics and modeling, animated characters in movies especially in cartoons, which reflects liveliness so much better. The software is favorite among movie producers, experts in animation, advertising agencies and more.

2° Source Engine-$ 9,200
Source Engine was basically developed first person shooter targeted, by Valve Corporation, with a price of $ 9,200. The 3D video game software, Source Engine, developed in C++, is known to have been used in Portal 2 games, MMORPG, puzzle, among others, with many versions since its launch.

1° CryENGINE 3 – $ 9820
The product is the German game developer, CryteK’s CryENGINE 3, is the world’s most expensive software, with exorbitant price of $ 9,820, and leading position in this selection.
The latest upgrade of CryENGINE is available for game development while originally was created for technology demonstration. The product runs on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U, used on the web, as well as game developers.

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