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Top 10 things you did not know about Invocation of Evil

Invocation of Evil 2 was released in June 2016, and made almost $ 317 million with an estimated production cost of only $ 40 million. And it follows the sequence of the hit movie of 2013, Invocation of Evil.

But what is true and what is fiction in the film, or at least a film stretching the truth? Big plans are already being made to this successful franchise. In this selection are highlighted 10 things you did not know about the Invocation of Evil movies.

10. Everything was a mistake?

By asking for Lorraine Warren listens to a story. By asking the skeptics, a different version is told. Janet Hodgson told The Daily Mail that she was in a fake occasion episodes to see if researchers to discover.

She said they always did. But she keeps her story that was all too real and terror took her out of the house and caused his mother a nervous breakdown.

His version of events? Well, Bill Wilkins was not an evil spirit. He was just a ghost looking for peace communicated by Peggy and her sister, Margaret. Janet believes the ghost is still in residence at 284 Green Street. His advice to the residents? If you want a quiet life, stay away from ouija boards.

9. Researchers from real life in the two films Invocation of Evil were also involved in the Amityville Horror

Ed and Lorraine Warren stood out in 1976 with its investigation of the case Amityville Horror, where a couple of New York, George and Kathy Lutz, said their house was haunted by a violent presence that expelled them from home.

Some called it a mistake. Lorraine Warren says their research shows that it was real. The case produced a best selling book by Jay Anson, as well as two films, not surprisingly called Amityville Horror.

8. Invocation of Evil scene 2 with upside down crosses was produced

The cross of the scene was fully produced. And other scenes in the film showing Janet levitating, stretch the truth to the breaking point. The only basis for the levitation scenes are some pictures of Janet doing what could be levitating above her bed. 

7. The nun will make his own movie

The scary character of a Invocation of Evil Nun 2 will have its own film. New Line Studio announced the project and it is no surprise that director James Wan is one of the film's producers. 

6. The owners of the New England house presented in the first film are suing the brothers Warner

According to a report from CBS News, the owners of the farm Rhode Island that inspired Invocation of 2013 Evil, are suing the brothers Warner because they claim to have been harassed by fans who constantly invade their property. 

5. In England, the new residents of the house Hodgson presented in Invocation of Evil 2 were startled and moved

After Janet Hodgson leave Green Street House, Enfield, when she was 16, her mother Peggy remained in the house until his death in 2003. She claimed that things were calmer in 1978, after she brought a priest to exercise its function. After Peggy died, Clare Bennett and their four children moved into the house, not knowing its history.

When he lived there, the younger brother of Janet, Billy said he constantly felt like someone was watching him. Clare and her children echoed the sentiment.

Then there were voices in the night that seemed to come from downstairs. But when his 15 year old son said a strange man entered his room one night was enough. Daily Mail reported that they moved the next day. 

4. Janet really levitated as shown in Invocation of Evil 2?

In the film Invocation of Evil 2, Janet, Madison Wolfe raises the air and is secured against the ceiling. This is a complete exaggeration of what happened, according The Janet jumping or levitating pictures were taken by a photographer for The Daily Mail, after the family called them.

Family history is supported by two residents who claimed to have seen Janet "hovering" over her bed. Janet said she was violently struck against a window so hard that she feared would break.
Reports say that around 30 people have witnessed strange events, including a police woman who had seen one levitating chair. 

3. There was actually a doll Annabelle?

Well, yes and no. The doll was real, but it had nothing to do with the Perron family who participated in the first film. It seems that the girl who won a Raggedy Ann Doll said the doll would trade positions and even would move alone.

In 1970, the Warrens investigated the case, had exorcised the place, and took possession of the doll. It is considered that has a prominent place in Occult Museum Warren. After the Invocation of Evil movie, Annabelle had her own movie. 

2. The man whose ghost possessed Janet Hodgson, actually died in their house

One of the claims by Hodgsons was that Janet was possessed by the spirit of Enfield Poltergeist, Bill Wilkins, a man who had lived in the house and died there. Apparently, his son confirmed that Bill died in the house really a cerebral hemorrhage while sitting in his favorite chair. 

1. The two movies are rated R

When the script for the first film was written, it was made in hopes of reaching a PG-13 rating for the movie. The filmmakers think it would mean more potential viewers than an R rating because this implies that the spectators must be 17 years or older.

Gurus classification Motion Picture Association of America gave the end of the film and said, "no way." And certainly looking at the scenes with the creepy witch Bathsheba, people can understand this point. Then they determined the film with rating R. 
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