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Top 10 Books To Start Your Book Reading Experience

1.  The Perks of Being A Wallflower

This book is a written guideline to help every child or teenager who is just coming of age, it helps gives insight on what the typical mature stage feels like, using mild terms and easy to understand. You don’t need to worry about what your child gets to do anymore as this book covers most part of their future and projections.

2.  The Hours

The interphase would always be different depending on the reader and what you aim to achieve, personally this book is a stepping stone to knowing more vas areas. If you want to start on your reading experience it is best that you choose a book of this kind to help you build better in the time to come. It’s language is simple and direct.

3.  The Help

The author Kathryn takes a deep look into the lives of what is regarded as common as she writes the importance of maids in America, she used words which are easy to understand and fast to process, you can literally tell that she has personally experienced these first hand and there is no doubt about that. She pours out her heart to speak of the black maids suffering in America.

4.  Ordinary People

It is simply centered around a family trail and tribulations. It is a clear picture of how best they portrayed everything. The family life of what we know and that which we don’t know, at some point the author made us see things from the perspective of perfection found in families. This could be true but we cannot tell due to the fact that a lot of families have different patterns they relate with each other.

5.  Hate list

This book has won several awards and to sum it all it is one of the leading books for early readers who are trying to build their experience, it brings the high school memory to play as the author explains deeply. The hate list has so much in store.

6.  It’s kind of a Funny Story

When you have a young man sent to school to go help build his future and later find out that his attention is divided there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, the author tries to balance the way a parent would think and that which their child would think.

7.  The Catcher in the Rye

This book might not be suitable for everyone especially young adults but at the same time it has gained grounds over the years giving room for young individuals to consume its content. Like you know that not everything can be kept away from a child because someday they would want to know what lies underneath the sheets, this is always a statement of fact that not a lot of families consider but I personally consider.

8.  The book thief

Thinking about the name alone should give you an insight to what to expect, whether or not you are right you cannot tell just until you have your hands around this book, some people believe it’s vague and not necessary but when you take a closer look the writer only was trying to speak on behalf of those young lads who find themselves in certain position that is unpleasant. Very simple but yet passes a strong message if you know what I mean.

9.  Ask the Passengers

When I was a child I always had this time whereby I needed so much attention from my parents and due to the reasons that my father would always leave home early and come back late I couldn’t get to him while on the other hand my mother felt everything should be educational, nonetheless she was right but I needed more from her and she wasn’t just there to give that to me, now A.S King created this book which relates perfectly to so many people story and that is why parents need to read this book in particular, if not their children might just see a stranger and take him as a friend instead.

10.  A Thousand Splendid Suns

If you pick this book up first you would want drop the very instant but when you take your time to read it then you would understand the chemistry between a mother and her daughter during a political unstable period.

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