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Top 10 Notable & Daring Suicides By Women and Men

1.  Kostas Georgakis




When you think life has great plans for us, you just might not see things so clearly, in Kostas case he had a promising future right in front of him but yet it doesn’t seem like things went according to plan, nonetheless I believe that his death was one lesson to so many but that doesn’t mean that people would not stop been who they are.

2.  Romas Kalanta




We have heard tales of so many heroes in our time, even though they are a lot that have fail over the years so many have made tremendous progress and changes, Romas isn’t left alone on this one. He was regarded as the Lithuanian hero; he was the foreman in charge of leading what we know today as demonstration of the Kaunas city against the Soviet Government.

3.  Jan Palach




So sad knowing the handsome young man had to set himself ablaze, but all the same it was due to the fact that he believed that his people should be free rather than see them go back to the rat whole, this resulted to so many conflicts but eventually he made history. At his death he was honored for bravery over the Czechoslovakian opposition, but was it really necessary?

4.  Ryszard Siwiec




I have never seen a situation whereby people are proud to take their own lives, it is so annoying knowing that one person would die for what we believe is the greater good and those left behind would end up dishonoring it. Just before the person of Jan Palach, Ryszard was the first to commit suicide to what we know as the soviet led invasion, but till date we cannot tell what that has resulted to other than causing others to commit more suicide.

5.  Malachi David Ritscher




Looking into the life of this amazing man you can clearly see that his drives and motifs were absolute and without contradiction he tried to make a change as an activist, I do not feel his methods were the best in any way possible but all the same he went ahead.

6.  Norman Morrison




I love the sound of peace when it is carried out by those who believe it should stand, Norman Morrison is no different as he stood for the sake of thousands around the world, his believe was simple, he says there is not need to war and that is way he went heads on to face the United States government about their involvement in Vietnam War. He went on to set himself ablaze in front of his one year old daughter who happens to be his only motivation at the time.

7.  Budd Dwyer




He was just an innocent man who was charged for a crime he did not commit, he found no sense in living the remaining 55 years of his life in prison and when it would be complete he is to make $300,000 payment for bill at the time, looking upon these factors he decided to pled not guilty in front of the press, at the same time take his own life on live tv.

8.  Emily Davison




Despite been arrested couple of times, this beautiful lady in person for Emily at some point got fed up and tried severally to take her own life, in her attempts she failed and just on this day she decided to try again on the horse track, you may be wondering if she did succeed and the answer is yes, although so many speculations are ongoing it doesn’t change the fact that she took her life.

9.  Christine Chubbuck




So clearly she stated couple of weeks before the main event that she would kill herself on air but unknowing to her co worker, he never got time or date at which this would happen, sadly a week after she chose to take her own life due to depression and loneliness as many others confirmed.

10.  Thich Quang




Like we have known for a long time now, death has never created peace around the world, even the death of the Buddist monk has changed nothing over the years, rather this has created only stories for others to read and carry out the same action.

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