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Not Happy with Your Height? Should You Use Surgery to Increase Height?

Not Happy with Your Height?

If you're not happy with your height, you're not alone. Millions of people across the US do what they can every day to make themselves taller or make themselves look taller. Today you can learn all new methods to help lengthen your bones and keep them strong long into old age.

Not Happy with Your Height? Should You Use Surgery to Increase Height?

The topic of exercise and making your body taller is a touchy one. There are several scam artists out there who claim that there are exercises that can lengthen and stretch your bones after you've reached adulthood. This is not how to get tall. Similarly, there are those who claim that their patented growth hormone or vitamin tablets can increase your height. These are a waste of time and money.

To understand why these products don't work, it's essential that you know how your body grows.

Infants have more bones in their bodies during this stage during any other in their lifetime. This is largely because their bones are still developing. In this early stage, much of the skeleton is composed of cartilage. As the baby grows, its cartilage fuses and ossifies into solid bone. During puberty, cartilage growth plates on the ends of the child's longer bones start to lengthen gradually, which contributes to the dramatic growth spurts during this period.

Once your bones stop growing, nothing aside from surgery can lengthen them any further. Instead, you can learn how to get tall in other ways.

Surgery, incidentally, is a very drastic decision to make. Many believe the risks involved aren't worth making your body taller. Not only is it expensive, extremely painful, and difficult to perform, but it's also hard to find a doctor that's even qualified to do this surgery. Furthermore, you risk paralysis, bone breakage, bone twisting, and even death should any complications after the surgery arise.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to make your body taller. By having an excellent diet and regular exercise, you can enhance your growth spurts when you're young. In fact, it's essential that you get high amounts of calcium, protein, amino acids, and calories during your growing years, lest you stunt your growth altogether. Depriving yourself of these essential nutrients during your older years can result in your bones weakening and even shrinking as your body makes up for the lack. 

Should You Use Surgery to Increase Height?

There are many people in the world today who are dissatisfied with their height. Despite every possible effort they make to look taller, they remain unhappy with their stature.

Not Happy with Your Height? Should You Use Surgery to Increase Height?
Not Happy with Your Height? Should You Use Surgery to Increase Height?

Some may consider surgery to increase height. Unfortunately, this isn't a wise decision. There are lots of risks involved when you undergo this surgery. Along with the extreme cost, long recovery time, and considerable pain, there are a plethora of complications that can happen after the surgery is finished.

First, let's backtrack a little and talk a bit about how bones work. When we are infants, many of our bones consist of cartilage and don't ossify until we grow older and they fuse into solid bone. During puberty, cartilage growth plates located on the ends of our longer bones are part of what causes our growth spurts as we grow.

There are some scams that claim that certain exercises and stretches can lengthen our bones. These are lies. Once we are through growing, there isn't anything we can do to lengthen our bones aside from surgery to increase height.

How does the surgery work? Essentially, your bones are broken. Metal plates hold your bones still, with a gap between. Gradually, your bones grow to fill the gap, which results in an increased height.

However, there have been countless instances of complications as a result of using surgery to increase height. These include limb paralysis, bone twisting, bones breaking, nerve damage, and worse.

In addition to this, having the surgery to increase height done at all can be immensely difficult. There are few doctors who are qualified to perform it. As the surgery is very, very expensive, finding such a doctor and making the travel arrangements to have the surgery performed will only make an already financially crippling procedure even more costly.

In the long run, it's better to try safer alternatives to surgery to increase height. You can do this by exercising. While it won't lengthen your bones, it will strengthen your muscles and give you a more slender appearance, thus helping with the impression that you're taller. Complimented with solid colored clothing or pinstriped outfits, you can create a convincing illusion.

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