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11 Best Asia destinations in September of 2017

If you've been researching where to go in Asia in September you probably already know that most of the famous destinations such as Bangkok and Phuket are extremely hot and also very rainy this month. That is true in most of Southeast Asia as well, but there are some good places with very little rain to consider instead.

Below you'll find our list of the 11 best cities in Asia to visit in September. A few of them are a bit rainy early in the month, but even in those you still might be okay because the wet season can end early and it's not nearly as bad as July and August. A few other cities are a bit wet, but they are so well built for the quick tropical showers that it won't slow you down much anyway.

11 Best destinations in Asia for September

Bali, Indonesia

  • September avg high: 85F/29C
  • September avg low: 76F/24C
  • September avg precip: 1.6″/4.0cm

Unlike nearly all of the rest of southern Asia, Bali has its dry season during the northern hemisphere summer months. This helps make Bali very popular this time of year so you can expect large crowds, but still things here are quite cheap by international standards and there are so many hotels that you will find something.

Of course Bali is slightly south of the equator, but only slightly so it's the same temperature pretty much year round. In September you'll have smaller crowds than in July and August, so it's really an ideal month for a visit. If you don't want to be surrounded by young Australian surfers and partygoers, look outside of the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area.

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Beijing, China

  • September avg high: 78F/26C
  • September avg low: 59F/15C
  • September avg precip: 1.8″/4.5cm

After a very hot and rainy summer, Beijing gets very nice all of a sudden in September. The air quality is a different matter, but at least the days are warm and the nights are mild. Many people visit China on package tours that also include Xi'an and Shanghai (both below), but you can visit Beijing pretty easily on your own if you want to.

Those tours of three or more cities do actually come out cheaper than an independent visit in most cases, including the small group tours that limit to no more than 18 people. Either way, Beijing is a travel bargain by international standards, and there are many checklist attractions here and nearby.

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Shanghai, China

  • September avg high: 81F/27C
  • September avg low: 69F/21C
  • September avg precip: 5.4″/13.5cm

Since Shanghai is south of Beijing and also on the water, the rainy season goes a little longer so early in September you might get a bit of rain here. Still, the city is used to it and it's easy to find cover in a hurry if you need to.

Shanghai is famously much more modern than Beijing in many ways, so it's best to visit both of them to get a glimpse of the older China and the newer China at the same time. Some things in Shanghai are a bit more expensive than in Beijing, especially when it comes to hotels, but it's still cheap by most standards.

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Xi'an, China

  • September avg high: 78F/26C
  • September avg low: 60F/16C
  • September avg precip: 3.5″/8.8cm

Until you start researching a trip to China you might never have heard of Xi'an, unless you paid close attention when you saw a TV show about the famous Terracotta Warriors here. This is easily the third most visited destination in China by Western tourists, and the pleasant September weather should be another reason to add it to yours.

Most things in Xi'an are a bit cheaper than even in Beijing, but the admission to the Terracotta Warriors exhibition is justifiably a bit pricey. China is so large and diverse that it's ideal to visit different areas on your first trip if you can, and Xi'an is the obvious third choice.

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Seoul, South Korea

  • September avg high: 78F/26C
  • September avg low: 62F/17C
  • September avg precip: 5.4″/13.5cm

It's still a bit rainy in Seoul in September, but the worst of it for the year is over and the temperatures are at least pleasant. If you come later in September you'll probably be dry, and this huge and modern city is used to dealing with the rain anyway.

Seoul doesn't get as much attention as it probably deserves, and part of it is that there are only four months each year with decent weather. September is one of those four, and October is as well, so don't wait too long to plan your trip here.

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  • September avg high: 87F/31C
  • September avg low: 76F/24C
  • September avg precip: 7.0″/17.5cm

Singapore is just barely north of the equator, and it's hot and fairly humid every day of the year. September is not one of the rainier months, although it's not one of the dryer months either. The good news is that this is a very modern and well organized city that is built for the heat and rain, so it's easy to stay dry and cool most of the time.

Hotels in Singapore are now the most expensive in Asia, but many other things are still quite reasonably priced. Food is excellent and surprisingly cheap if you eat at the famous hawker stalls all over the city. Alcohol can be expensive at sit-down places, but you often get a view and atmosphere that makes it very worthwhile.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • September avg high: 90F/32C
  • September avg low: 74F/23C
  • September avg precip: 7.6″/19.0cm

Almost everything we said about Singapore (above) also applies to Kuala Lumpur as well. It's a bit farther north of the equator, but it's still hot and humid every day of the year and the city is well built for it. In fact you can get between many hotels and shopping malls through tunnels or elevated and air conditioned walkways, so it's not difficult to avoid the outside all day if you want or need to.

Weather aside, Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city that is the favorite among many seasoned travelers to Asia. The mix of cultures here is fascinating, and the food scene reflects that as well. Better still, Kuala Lumpur is a shockingly cheap city considering how modern and pleasant it is. You can get 4-star or 5-star hotels here for less than you'd pay for a 2-star hotel in Singapore on the same day.

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Malé, Maldives

  • September avg high: 84F/29C
  • September avg low: 77F/25C
  • September avg precip: 7.8″/19.5cm

While it may look like Malé is very rainy in September, it's not really an issue. You don't really want to visit Malé itself, but rather one of the private-island resorts spread all over the Maldives. September is a typical month on those islands in that you might get a few afternoon downpours each week, but they are over in 30 minutes and leave a wonderful sunset behind.

The main reason any one comes to the Maldives is that it's the water villa capital of the world. The cheapest of the water villas starts at around US$300 per night for two people, but you can get an amazing Jacuzzi Water Villa for not much more at a few of the larger resorts.

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Delhi/New Delhi, India

  • September avg high: 93F/34C
  • September avg low: 74F/23C
  • September avg precip: 4.7″/11.8cm

The summer months in Delhi are very hot and rainy, and the beginning of September is a bit that way as well. But by the middle of the month it starts to get dry again, so it's a good time to visit. New Delhi is actually just a small district within the huge city of Delhi, and it's also the national capital as well, so it's confusing at first.

Delhi has a long list of its own must-see attractions, but if you haven't heard of those you will still be happy to know that this is where you'll want to stage your visit to the Taj Mahal from. The Taj is located in the city of Agra and you can do a pleasant day trip there and back if you book on one of the early trains. Agra itself is not one of India's more charming cities, so it's best to just visit the Taj and head out again.

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Goa, India

  • September avg high: 85F/29C
  • September avg low: 75F/24C
  • September avg precip: 9.7″/24.3cm

The summer in Goa is so awesomely rainy that it's hard to believe, and no sane person would visit then. But by the middle of September it dries out again, so it's an ideal time to visit before the crowds roll in starting the following month. This is a collection of beach towns as far as tourists are concerned, and each town has its own look and personality.

Goa is an excellent bargain once you get here, and it's one of the few places in India that alcohol is not only widely available, but also cheap. Many of the towns in Goa are known for their beach parties and dance music. Vagator and Anjuna are the most famous of those, but nearby towns such as Calangute are far more family oriented.

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Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • September avg high: 87F/31C
  • September avg low: 78F/26C
  • September avg precip: 6.1″/15.3cm

The main cities in Vietnam are just ending their rainy season in September, and the beach town of Nha Trang isn't exactly dry, but this place is worth knowing about and considering. This might be the cheapest of Asia's beach resort towns, at least among the ones with many hotels and a big sandy beach.

Nha Trang doesn't offer many cultural sights, although it does have a few. This is really just a place to come to enjoy the warm weather on the beach while paying shockingly low hotel rates. There are even many expat restaurants near the beach for those who easily tire of the excellent Vietnamese food at every other place.

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