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Crowd Goes Crazy After Alleged Sighting Of Marian Apparition In Ireland

People flocked to Ireland over the weekend in the hopes of seeing the Virgin Mary make an appearance and a rather strange unfolded, with some people claiming that they did see an apparition.

Crowd Goes Crazy After Alleged Sighting Of Marian Apparition In Ireland

More than 2,000 people traveled to the village of Knock in Ireland when a teenager from Portugal said that he had witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima last month.


The father of the boy said that his son was told by the Virgin Mary that she would come back and make another appearance on June 10 at3pm at the shrine of the Virgin Mary in the village of Knock and that all the people who were there would be blessed.

Of course, the boy spread the word of the appearance of the Virgin Mary on social media, and around 2,000 people traveled to Knock on the morning with the hope that the Virgin Mary would make an appearance and they would become a part of something miraculous.


Whether the Virgin Mary actually did show up and make an appearance is rather confusing as many people in the crowd said that there was an apparition, while many others seemed to have missed the whole thing. One person did capture what they claimed to be the Virgin Mary making an appearance over the crowd. However, it is not clear whether it was merely the sun coming out from behind a cloud.

The footage that was captured on mobile seems only to show the sun coming out from behind clouds and dazzling people, with some rays. It really does not show the Virgin Mary coming down from the sky.

However, there are people in the crowd that are praying, crying and gasping that they can see the Virgin Mary make an appearance.

This has led to a debate on whether the witnesses that were there had seen something appear in the sky but it was not captured on the footage from the mobile phone, perhaps a cloud anomaly, or if they were so intent on seeing the Virgin Mary that they declared the sun and its rays as something miraculous.


It was also pointed out that often at mass gatherings the collective power of believing that the Virgin Mary was going to make an appearance inspired mass hallucinations, perhaps when she did not make an appearance in a way that the crowd had expected.

It does seem to be as though the events in Knock could be nothing more than a matter of faith, more so for those who attended the event. But did the Virgin Mary make an appearance or was it nothing more than the sun poking through the clouds and causing rays to appear?

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