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I Gave My Basset Hound A Cake For Her 10th Birthday… And She Smashed It!

Magnolia Mae Blossom – or ‘Maggie’ as she is affectionately called – celebrated her 10th birthday like any Southern, classy lady-dog would… with a Magnolia & Pearls themed cake smash!

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When Maggie was 6, her previous owner became seriously ill. She was sent to Ninna’s Road to Rescue in Benton, Louisiana where was soon adopted into her new forever home – mine!

As a dog portrait photographer, I couldn’t pass at the chance to celebrate Maggie’s big 1-0 in a special way. I decked out the studio in giant Magnolia flower décor and adorned Maggie with pearls and a headband.

The cake was 100% dog-friendly and came from Lucy’s BARKery in Shreveport, Louisiana. Maggie loved her two-tiered cheddar cheese cake and dove right in! But, like any well-mannered lady, she saved some for her brother, sister, and foster brother to enjoy.

Basset hounds might look sad to most, but any owner will tell you not to be fooled by their droopy faces. They can be very goofy and mischievous!

Maggie has no shame when it comes to begging for food or a good belly rub. And with a face like that, how can you say no?!

Happy 10th birthday, Maggie!

More info: daylightfadingphotography.com

The paper magnolias were custom made just for her photos

Like many Basset Hounds, Maggie has a deformity that makes one of her legs turn out. We call them “ballerina feet”

“Mom, can I eat this now?”

She’s not really sure if that whole cake is for her…

“I’ll just take a little nibble”

Such a classy lady

“Mom, I got icing on my ears!”

“I’ll just take this little piece…”


Bless her heart


Still enjoying

It was delicious!

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