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I Photographed Homeless Cats In A Rescue Center That Nobody Wants

I work for a rescue station for cats in Spain every summer. The rescue center is called Estepona-Katzen. It is not even a center. It is one person- Cleo- who has a house and a cat-house in the garden where she takes care of abandoned cats. She is the only person in this area who helps cats.

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In Spain are a lot of cats without a home even breed cats. There are killing-stations as well!! It is like a shelter but they are allowed to kill the pets after two weeks.

Love of animals is not normal as it is in the north of Europe. Just two weeks ago we have found a kitten in the rubbish – Fortunately, it is alive. Not the first time. We have found puppies as well there – they died.

Cleo is the angel of the cats there… She tries to find a good home for the cats in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We have rehomed more than 500 cats yet and some dogs as well.

Help us to go on with it. And help our poorest ones to find a home or a sponsor.

More info: http://ift.tt/2sVKskY | Facebook | Instagram

Alex called Flix is a crazy young siamese cat. He had a home yet but came back to us

He is very curious and a bit wild. He doesn’t know that he hurts others when he is playing.

Luna came to another rescue station when she was half a year old

Now she is round about 4 years old. She is very independent but she loves humans. Her dream is a own human with no other cats but a bed where she is allowed to sleep in.

Fortuna from killing station – is waiting since 4 years – is very inconspicuous, maybe this is why nobody is interested in her!

But she is very friendly and loves to be with humans.

Exposed when he was a baby – Very affectionate. Is always around you and talks a lot with you

Exposed – Kahini is very sweet. She is good with all other cats and humans

Fiv + Rescued from animal hoarding! Is always around but she is is afraid to cuddle

Left at the vet because they do not want to pay castration – Our wild child

Like Alex she plays very hard. She is very lovely and also very active.

Not for adoption – needs sponsorship !

We don’t want to give him away from his home. But he needs to be fed…so we would be very happy about an godfather for him.

Not for adoption – needs godparenthood / flight is not possible

Vivi is a sweet loner with only one eye from the killing station – she loves to sleep in the sun

Our Granny needs a sponsorship as well.

Zoe is very special. She has good and bad moods. Sometimes she cuddles but mostly she’s full of fear

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