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I Photographed Special Needs Corgis To Help Them Get Adopted

I photographed corgis before and after they received treats for a series called “Lowriders.” My favorite thing to photograph is animals with their tongues sticking out; I think the funny faces they make helps them get adopted.

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These pups are available for foster or adoption from Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, a non-profit that specializes in saving special needs corgis and corgi mixes from California’s high kill shelters and those needing to be rehomed. You can donate to their organization here

More info: CaseyElise.com

Lester – before

Lester – after

Cowboy – before

Cowboy – after

Leo – before

Leo – after

Comet – before

Comet – after

AJ – before

AJ – after

Indy – before

Indy – after

Corey – before

Corey – after

Panda Bear – before

Panda Bear – after

Bonus Corgi Butt

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