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I Run A Small Animal Rescue For Over Sixty Animals

Hey, my name’s Emily, and I’m seventeen. I run a rescue for small animals called Happy Hammie Haven. We currently house over sixty small animals – forty-five hamsters, a gerbil, eleven bunnies, two rats, a mouse, five guinea pigs, a chinchilla and a hedgehog.

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A good portion of our animals are rescued from abusive or neglectful owners, but some are simply owner surrenders from people who were moving/hit a bad financial spot.

Read on to see and read about some of our rescues – and you can follow our adventures on Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram – we’re ‘Happy Hammie Haven’ on Facebook, and ‘happyhammiehaven’ on Tumblr & Instagram!

More info: Facebook

Meet Blinky! He’s an eyeless white hamster, which means he’s blind and deaf due to an awful breeder. It’s okay, though – he has a great life here with all the tummy scratches he wants!

We make salads like this every day for our guinea pigs and rabbits, and the hamsters get tiny ones!

Meet Cream! Her old owner sold her cage months before they finally sold her to us, and so she spent months living in a cardboard box with no heat lamp – which she NEEDS to live – that was soaked in her own urine

Cream gets love, plenty of cage space – and even trips outside to eat worms! She’s much happier now!

Meet Scout! She came to us in a small hamster cage, covered in her own urine and feces, with nicotine staining her legs. As soon as we put her in her current huge cage, she spent her time grooming herself & now is quite the pretty bunny!

Blueberry is our diabetic dwarf hamster! He has to get twice daily insulin shots to manage his glucose level

Petrie was housed with his brothers by an awful breeder. Though he lived to tell his story, he had some awful wounds to show for it

Inky (Blinky’s sister!) says thanks for reading

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