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Man Slept Next To His Dead Wife’s Body For 6 Days, This Is Why

Russell Davison is a 50-year-old man from Derby, England. Davison was so shattered when his wife Wendy passed away from cervical cancer that he decided to sleep next to her body for six days. This was all due to the fact that he did not want her body to be taken to a funeral home.

Man Slept Next To His Dead Wife’s Body For 6 Days, This Is Why

Davison’s wife passed away on Friday, April 21st at the age of 50 at the couple’s home where they lived with their son Dylan. Davison did not call the undertakers to remove her body from the home.

Instead, he decided to take matters into his own hands, which led to him sleeping next to her body for a full six days. He wanted to prove a point to the world that staying close to a dead loved one is nothing to be frightened of.

He also could not bare to see his loved one being taken away in a plastic body bag to a funeral home. He wanted to spend some more time with her in his own special way.

“Wendy died very peacefully, fully sedated, in no pain, in mine and Dylan’s arms with our ever faithful dog Elvis snuggled up right next to her too,” Davison said in a statement.

“Death seems to be such a taboo subject, no one seems to want to talk about it,” Davison said, referring to the way society conditions us to cower from the concept of death.

Wendy’s wishes were to pass away peacefully at her home, so he was also fulfilling her last request. “For a long time I have been determined to have Wendy at home when she died,” Davison said.

People might find what Davison did to be quite bizarre, as this is not normal among individuals in our society. But it doesn’t have to be so taboo; in Davison’s case, it was a heartwarming experience.

“I wanted us to take care of her ourselves at our family home, have her in our bedroom so I could sleep in the same room,” he said.

Davison also invited family and friends to come sit and chat with her. He stated that it was “a beautiful and comforting experience for me, the boys and all that are taking part.”

Davison just wants society to know that there is nothing scary about dead bodies, although TV, movies and popular culture make us think there is.

Davison decided to finally move Wendy’s body to a funeral home after six days. Davison took Wendy’s body to his car and drove it from his house to a crematorium.

In a tribute to Wendy, Davison added his own words of mourning. Heartbroken and sad, Davison had this to say as he laid Wendy to rest: “travel well to your next life my darling Wendy, you will never be forgotten.”

“You will always be loved so very much by me, your boys and so many other people. I adore you,” he finished.

Davison’s love and dedication for his late wife will forever remain in his heart. Although most may consider his actions bizarre, he remains steadfast in the belief that he did the right thing.

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