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My Family And I Were Adopting Rescued Pets Since 2009 And This Is What We Got

My mom always loved pets, she did not care if they were peculiar, street or fancy ones. She just loved them. This was pessed to me and my oldest sister. But we did not understand the concept of this love, we had pets, some of them were given, some were adopt, but since 2009 (when we rescued a poodle) we realized that this love, was suppose to save animals in need. We decided never again pay for animals, and try to rescue them from shelters or streets…

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It was a rainy day in Porto Alegre, Brazil. We were going to eat lunch in a neighbor, when we step out of the house to the car, this dog passes us, dirty. Mom said the magic words “We should help him…” In the beginning we tough he was lost, and tried to find his home, I walked with him trough the neighborhood, but no one came to his rescue. I did not made cense at the time, cause he was the sweetest dog, how can anyone abandon him? That was the first time I realized how cruel human are… We gave him a special name: Sheep Luri Luri.

A few months later Sheep and I heard a meaw coming form the roof, there it was a white cat looking at us. I started dropping chicken until I could reach her. She was a +- 7 years old neuter white cat, I have no idea where she came form, but since that day, she was mine.

Two years later, 2011, my mom had lost her dachshund, it was carnival. She was at the beach when this huge dog came towards her. I present you Tobias Obama, a Labrador mixed with Rottweiler that does not understand his size.

Seeing all this rescued pets made my boyfriend adopt a cat, with that two other cats came to his house searching for food, one of them had 6 kittens. And only one was a black beautiful cat. She grew up to be a spooky lovely cat.

Again at the beach, my mom and sister found a dog smelling really bad walking trough cars, they took her, she had a collar, but again no one came. Tina was adopted by my sister who had just lost her beloved cat.

My mom used to give food to a cat in my grandpa backyard, when the wall the separated them was demolished we adopt Alcione, another black cat that loves to be around my mom and loves her more than anything in this world, which does not makes Tobias happy…

2017 afternoon, my sister calls me at work, she found a cat at her work, almost dad, did now know what to do, putted the cat in her car and drove home. Luci, the Pirate, she is probably blind from an eye, can’t be in any surgeries (thanks to a human who punched her, probably), she has her organs pressing her thorax, even with that, she found my in my sister and her girlfriend love an home.

And our newest family member, a chicken, Berenice, she came from a cock fight farm, although many will say the has a big neck, it is too thin, we loved her.

8 years after that rainy Sunday I think to myself where we would be without this animals. We rescue them, or day rescued us? Probably the second one…They tough us about humbleness, pure love, friendship and loyalty. If you believe that love can’t be bought, why pat for it when you can rescue.

Sheep Luri Luri’s first month with us

Going to the stadium

Nowadays, he became blind and takes cardiac medicine, and I don’t regret a thing

Tobias Obama after his first shower

Sheep Luri Luri wasn’t much happy with the new family member

My little White (Fat) Princess

She did not like pictures…

Black Princess came to the family in 2012

She does look good

Tina in her first encounter

One year later…

Alcione does not like pictures neither

Luci, the Pirate in her first week


The only one who can take her, my mom

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