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Snowy, The Adorable Sleepy Albino Skunk

Snowy the albino skunk is a bit lazy when it comes to waking up in the mornings!

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Anything to go back to sleep !

He’s just like having a real life teddy bear in the house!

Snowy was hand reared by us from birth as his mum rejected him, he’s become the most friendly, cuddly animal you could ever imagine.

He sleeps with the kids, is incredibly clean and litter trained. He does what he wants when he wants, he has the run of the house!

More info:

Snowy the albino skunk sleeping

Snowy and Stella , Sunday morning snuggles

Snowy in the kids bed and doesn’t want to wake up!

He will sleep with the kids … the most cuddly animal ever

He has the run of the house and we can always find him under a blanket somewhere

Snowy cuddles

Don’t wake me up mum. It’s a Sunday !

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