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The Most Impressive Gothic Cathedrals in Germany You Must See

Fine craftsmanship, majestic forms, interesting history, stained-glass windows, and towering spires – this is just a short list of characteristics of stunning German cathedrals. The country has been blessed with some of the most impressive examples of Gothic architecture, even though the style originated in a neighboring France.

The cathedrals could be found in almost every city, town, and a village. However, there are some of them that you just cannot afford to miss on your next trip to Germany! If you want to explore the best options, here is the list of the most stunning German Gothic cathedrals that will make you speechless.

Cologne Cathedral

This majestic cathedral built in the city on the Rhine was started in 1248 by a famous mason Master Gernard. The size of the building is truly remarkable; for example, the dual spires reach 157 meters high, which makes the cathedral the fourth-tallest church in the world! Naturally, it also boasts incredible space characteristics. For example, 8,000 m2, which is the floor space of the building can hold up to 20,000 people quite comfortably.

In addition to being a stunning piece of architecture, it is a home of the remains of The Three Kings. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit the Shrine every year.

Cologne Cathedral is now one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites (declared in 1996), and rightly so. Enormous jaw-dropping murals and the massive towers that dominate the skyline of the city will impress even the most experienced traveler.

The cathedral is incredibly popular among those who visit Cologne. For example, TripAdvisor users’ reviews are great. In fact, visiting the cathedral is viewed as the number one thing to do in the city.

Munich Frauenkirche (“Cathedral of Our Dear Lady”)

This amazing church was built in the 15th century from red brick in the late Gothic style. It became one of the most popular tourist attractions and unmistakable symbols of the German capital located in the Old Town, where it dominates the surrounding buildings.

The design of the Frauenkirche is jaw-dropping. Two towers offer a great view of the city (the tourists are allowed to climb at the top of one of them!). Inside, the visitors will discover the Coronation of the Virgin Mary by Adam Kraft, the Peringsdoerfer Epitaph with Madonna, the grave of Holy Roman Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, the tomb of the princes, and many other incredible relics.

The popularity of this incredible gothic church is evident in the reviews on TripAdvisor. According to them, “Cathedral of Our Dear Lady” is a great attraction and a must-see place in Munich.

Mainz Cathedral

St. Martin’s Cathedral is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Mainz designed by a famous German architect Ludwig Becker. According to historical records, Archbishop Willigis laid the first foundation stone for the building in 975. It is also thought that the cathedral was modeled after the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican.

The structure of the building is quite complex: it has numerous side chapels, two chancels, and a nave with two side aisles. The east chancel is dedicated to St. Stephen and the west one to St. Martin.

The users of TripAdvisor view visiting this incredible cathedral #2 of 58 things to do in Mainz, so make sure you visit this place!

Aachen Cathedral

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the Western Germany. The churches of the eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire inspired the construction of this cathedral that began between 793 and 813. The interior of the cathedral will impress the visitors with antique columns from Rome and Vienna, large mosaics, bronze gates, open arched windows, and other elements.

Also, anyone who visits the Aachen Cathedral can see a wealth of treasures from the early medieval period, such as a golden pulpit, the shrine of the Virgin Mary, Charlemagne’s Throne, the golden shrine of Charlemagne, the grave of Emperor Otto III, and a golden altarpiece. Each of these relics is incredible and they are just a part of all treasures displayed there.

Huge and richly decorated, the Aachen Cathedral is number one place to go in Aachen, according to TripAdvisor. You can also benefit from a little tip:

“Aachen is a 40- minute train ride from Cologne, so you can see both Cologne and Aachen cathedrals,” recommends Martin Schmidt, a chief editor at Assignment Helper. “Certainly worth trying!”

Regensburg Cathedral

One of the tallest in the country (105 m), Regensburg Cathedral is the finest gothic building in Bavaria. Also called the Cathedral of St Peter’s, it is one of the oldest ones as well, with the earliest records dating from about 700 AD. This majestic structure is completed in the High Gothic style, featuring the north and the south towers. They can be seen from all over the city of Regensburg because the cathedral is situated in the Old Town near the famous Old Stone Bridge.

Inside, the cathedral is just as amazing. An impressive number of medieval stained glass windows (1320-1370), the Sailer Chapel, St. Peter Window, the sculpture of the “Smiling Angel,” and other relics await there.

The reviews on TripAdvisor suggested that Regensburg Cathedral was number two out 65 things to do in the city. Undoubtedly, a must-see location!

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