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Alien Ruler | Kings Of Ancient Egypt | Tulli Papyrus | Dendera Lamps

Alien Ruler…The history of ancient Egypt is a permanent attraction for this epoch. It captivates with the charm of the mysteries and enigmas that are waiting to be decoded, but also through the other-worldly aspects specific to it. Whether it’s the rudimentary practices of ancient medicine or the origin of make-up, ancient Egyptian history remains an inexhaustible source of surprising information.

Could it be that the hieroglyphs left behind by this mysterious culture detail of the history of visitors from another planet?

Few places have been so revered by the ancient Egyptians as the ancient Abydos. The center of Egyptian beliefs and a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years, Abydos was considered by the inhabitants of ancient Egypt as the place where the most precious relic of their religion, Osiris’ head, was. The generally accepted theory is that Abydos was founded by the prehistoric pharaohs, the so-called pharaohs in the dynasty 0.

Abydos: The holy city in the ancient Egypt | The Temple of Seti I

Still, the celebrity of the temple reached its peak in the last ten years, when an event would amaze the world of scientists and inflame the imagination of many of them. Because of the infiltrations, the temple seems to have been flooded several times by the Nile’s waters, a part of the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the frontispiece of a column has broken out, revealing an older engraving. Witnesses were shocked by what they saw, many of them not believing that it was possible. The engraving behind the hieroglyphs was in detail … a helicopter, a submarine, and two flying machines. Immediately reference was made to other mysterious inscriptions, which, according to UFO adherents, would represent technologies much closer to the modern or futuristic era than to ancient Egypt.

In 1848, an archaeological expedition working in Egypt discovered strange hieroglyphs on a ceiling beam at an ancient temple in Abydos

Although they have confirmed their originality, historians still believe that the drawings are nothing but the result of re-writing of the original hieroglyphs, this being a common practice in ancient Egypt. They identified three layers of superimposed hieroglyphs that date back to both Seti I and Ramses II.

Dendera Lamps: How did Egyptians enlighten the pyramids?

In the Hathor Temple of the Dendera Complex, Egypt, there are several stone bas-reliefs that have sparked controversy among archaeologists. The question that tried to answer was whether the ancient Egyptians held the secret of lighting or not?

This is a picture of a partial wall located in a crypt in the temple dedicated to Het-Heru (Hathor) located in Dendera Egypt.

The Dendera bulbs are the term used and accepted by the entire scientific world to characterize the bas-reliefs that ancient Egyptians drew in the pyramids. Things seem pretty clear at first glance, and even though these bulbs existed in one form or another, more scientists have disputed their existence.

On the other hand, eternal light, as it was called in antiquity, seems to have existed not only in Egypt but also in Rome. Several Roman graves contained these bulbs, but also the way to extract electricity.

Lights of the Pharaohs

In Egypt, the secret of electricity was known to everyone, and the drawings show it best. The very large bulb was connected to a pillar called Djed. The Dendera bulbs are all supported by the deities, which also signifies the origin of the eternal light. Moreover, it seems that the pylons feeding the bulbs took the electrical energy from the atmosphere without any chemical or thermal process to occur. We can only think of whether the Egyptians used the free energy, or the solar energy. If these facts are real, then we must realize the technological power that the gods of Egyptian civilization possessed.

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