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Astronomers: Building Blocks For Life Discovered In The Planet-Forming Disk Of Gas And Dust Around a Young Star

Astronomers have found complex organic molecules — the chemical building blocks for life — in the planet-forming disk of gas and dust around a young star, according to a new study.Though such life-forming molecules have been detected in interstellar space before, this is the first time they’ve been seen in the turbulent environment of a newly formed star system.

Scientists have found complex organic molecules during a planet-forming disk of gas, dust and ice moving around a really young star, proof that the building blocks for life could also be common within the universe.

“We already knew that these disks are rich in water and simple organics. This is the first time we detect more complex organics,” astronomer Karin Oberg, with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told Discovery News.

To the researchers’ surprise, the organics found around a young star referred to as MWC 480 isn’t solely extent, however thriving in quantities slightly more than those thought to have existed within the early system. The prolific quantity of fabric reveals that Earth’s system isn’t the only one to contain these advanced molecules, suggesting that the ingredients needed for life to evolve might exist throughout the universe.

An image of the sky surrounding the young star MWC 480, which lies in the constellation of Taurus.

“It thus seems likely that the prebiotic chemistry that took place in the solar system, including Earth, is also happening elsewhere,” she said. [Related: Signs of Alien Life Will Be Found by 2025, NASA’s Chief Scientist Says]

Located within the Taurus star-forming region 455 light-years far from Earth, the star MWC 480 is regarding double the mass of the sun and shines nearly ten times brighter. A disk of fabric surrounds the million-year-old star, however scientists haven’t discovered any obvious signs of planet formation.

MWC 480, Taurus.

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), Öberg and her colleagues observed MWC 480, finding enough methyl cyanide (a complex carbon-based molecule) in the disk surrounding the star to fill all of Earth’s oceans. They also found a supply of other complex carbon-based molecules.

Volatile elements such as cyanides boil away at high temperatures. Despite this fragility, they are thought to be necessary for life. The carbon-nitrogen bonds of cyanides are especially important, as they are essential to the formation of amino acids, which in turn are the building blocks for proteins.

The molecules were found concerning 3 billion miles to 9 billion miles from the central star, that is distant by our system standards, however squarely in what would be a Kuiper Belt-like, comet-forming region for the larger MWC 480.

“This huge improvement in sensitivity and imaging resolution is opening up entirely new frontiers in astronomy and exoplanetary science,” Blake said. “We literally can image, with ALMA, the molecular gas in zones around young stars in which planetesimal formation is underway, in molecules we could never detect before.”

ALMA, along side different imaging instruments, will be place to use checking out the elusive cyanides around different young stars, also as the movement of ices, organics, and rocks.

“We are exploring entirely new territory here,” Blake said. “Until now, we had but one example to study the organic chemistry associated with the birth of planetary systems — our own solar system. Now, we will be able to examine protoplanetary disks around low-mass stars, high-mass stars, stars in clusters, stars by themselves, etc. Some chemical models have been run, but there is no substitute for measurements!”



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