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August 21, America Will Be Covered By Darkness: TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE | Get Properly Prepared To See It

Warning! Looking directly into the sun without special protection provided by solar filters or eclipse glasses can cause irreversible eye damage even blindness.
At the bottom of this article, you will find the necessary products for observing the eclipse in safe conditions for the health of your eyes. Also Check The Countdown From Top Of The Page

The United States is preparing to experience the first total solar eclipse, unique in nearly 38 years, which will include both ribs on August 21, giving millions of Americans the opportunity to observe a celestial event of a special rarity.

NASA has provided details and advice on the near eclipse caused by the moon passing between the sun and the Earth, projecting its shadow and making visible a solar corona (which is not usually seen) as well as the stars and bright planets on the dark sky.

On Monday, August 21, when the Moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth, it will produce a shadow about 110 kilometers wide (68.35 miles) , moving from Oregon to the extreme northwest in the middle of the morning to South Carolina, On the other side of the country in the afternoon, crossing 14 US states in about two hours.

It is also an exclusive eclipse: only the United States will have its visibility! It is expected that many tourists will come especially to follow the spectacular phenomenon that will turn night into day.

In the rest of the US, a partial solar eclipse will be visible, said astronomer Rick Fienberg, spokesman for the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

But he thinks nothing compares with the experience of witnessing a total solar eclipse, an exceptional event. “Never seeing a full solar eclipse is like living your life without ever falling in love,” the American astronomer said, revealing that he has seen 12 such eclipses so far.

Solar Eclipse Map 2017 Totality

Spectators from other parts of the world and scientists will have access to many images captured before, during and after the eclipse of 11 planes, of which at least three will belong to NASA, over 50 stratospheric balloons, satellites and even astronauts Aboard the International Space Station (ISS), each image being captured from different angles.

NASA’s television station will broadcast live images of the eclipse, as well as various activities associated with this event, which will be organized in national parks, libraries, stadiums, museums, and festivals.

Astronomers also warn about the danger to the eyes if the Sun is viewed without special lens glasses during the partial eclipse.

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More insights about Great American Total Solar Eclipse in the following video:



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