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Dorothy Eady – The Reincarnation of Omm Sety

What occurs to us after death? Since time unremembered, humanity has sought the elusive answer to this profound mystery. There are as many ideas and viewpoints on what becomes of us after our impending death as there are cultures that ponder it. Is there another area awaiting us in some afterlife? Are we whisked away to join loved ones who have long crossed away? Is there nothing but blackness and obscurity? Or is there something strange? One idea that is mostly embraced by many religions everywhere the world is that of reincarnation; that our soul, spirit, anything one wants to call it, is reborn upon our passing into a new body to live life again. There have been many stories of those who have supposedly been reincarnated into new bodies, often showing some vague, vestigial thoughts of their past lives, but one, in particular, stands out as particularly credible and apt to make one reflect upon the possibilities. It is a strange case that fuses reincarnation with faraway lands, ancient treasures, and long-lost eras.

The aspect of reincarnation is a charming topic.  Advocates of reincarnation present the story of Dorothy Louise Eady as a top example that reincarnation is as much a part of life as birth and death.  The story of Dorothy Eady remains an impressive one.  She was born to Irish parents in January 1904 near London, England.  Her life began as that of any regular child.  That is – until the age of three – when she suffered a terrible fall down the stairs and was declared dead.

Dorothy Eady - The Reincarnation of Omm Sety

So what position is a viable one to take with respect to Omm Sety’s past life claims and metaphysical experiences? If we took a purely phenomenological perspective, we could argue that everything that transpired between Omm Sety and the disembodied conscious of King Sety was real because she construed it that way.

Some would say a revelation happened that day because Dorothy regained consciousness and in one hour was able to sit up in her bed.  But Dorothy was no longer the same girl who fell down those stairs – as her parents would soon discover.

It was at the British Museum in 1908 when Mr and Mrs Eady first remarked Dorothy’s exceptional behaviour.  Rather of expecting a child who was bored and restless, Dorothy grew obsessed with the Egyptian galleries.  As soon as Dorothy gazed upon the Egyptian artefacts, she started kissing the feet of the statues.  She finally sat down at the foot of a mummy contained in a glass case and refused to be separated from it.   After her mother tried to pick her up, Dorothy was cited as saying “Leave me here, these are my people!”

After this fateful journey, Dorothy would have recurring dreams of columned buildings enclosed by rich vegetation.  She would at times get very sad and request that her parents take her home.  Although her parents tried to convince her that she was home, Dorothy never accepted it.  A few months later, Dorothy came across some images of ancient Egypt.  She revealed her mother the hieroglyphics and observed that she knew this language, but had misremembered about it.  When she stumbled upon the photo of the “Temple of Seti the First at Abydos” she went to her father and proclaimed “This is my home!  This is where I used to live!”  Finally, her hopes of columned buildings lush with vegetation meant making sense to her.  Dorothy was dreaming on Ancient Egypt as it may have appeared thousands of years ago.  She believed she had some kind of pure connection to ancient Egypt and even attended numerous groups dedicated to the knowledge of reincarnation.  Although she was interested in this subject, she never agreed with their logic. Dorothy would waste her remaining teen years and early twenties learning all she could about Egyptology.

In 1933, Dorothy would certainly get her wish to return to Egypt after marrying an Egyptian named Abdel Maguid.  Once married, Abdel and Dorothy packed their bags and went to Cairo.  Dorothy would quickly give birth to a child that she insisted on naming Seti, after the 19th Dynasty Pharaoh.  Following Egyptian custom of not relating to the mother’s first name, she would now be known as Omm Sety.

Dorothy’s relationship with Abdel was never a solid one.  Dorothy concentrated on the investigations of Egyptology and Abdel had no investment in these ideas.  To make matters worse, Abdel would seldom see Dorothy, in a trance-like state, get out of bed late at night and commence what many call “automatic writing”.  Abdel would witness Dorothy scratching hieroglyphics on paper – eventually spanning 70 pages – on what she later described as her essence guide “Hor-Ra” discussing Omm Sety’s previous life.  On one occasion, Abdel’s father went out of the house after pretending to see “a pharaoh” sitting at the foot of Omm Sety’s bed.  The marriage would eventually lose apart and Abdel conveyed to Iraq leaving Omm Sety to her studies.

According to the automatic writing of Omm Sety, she was born in ancient Egypt with the name Bentreshyt and raised as a priestess at the Temple at Kom El Sultan.  By the age of 14, the Pharaoh Seti fell in love with her and she became pregnant with his child.  Because she had made a promise of virginity as a priestess, she committed suicide to prevent Seti from being involved in this forbidden crime.  This destroyed Seti and he promised he would be with her again.  According to Omm Sety, this would become a certainty.  She describes in her diary that Seti would visit with her at night in what she described as a spiritual romantic meeting.  She was happy to recognise him as a handsome man in his fifties.  According to Omm Sety, Seti proposed to marry her when she joins him in Amentet – the Egyptian Underworld.

Dorothy Eady - The Reincarnation of Omm Sety

One of her teachers was the famous E.A. Wallis Budge, who encouraged her to study the history of ancient Egypt. Dorothy was 15 years old when she described the first dream “meeting” she had with the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I. She claimed that he made her remember her past life. With time, she turned more and more to the ancient religion and stopped feeling attached to Christianity.

Omm Sety convinced many questioners that she was, in fact, the reincarnation of a priestess from Ancient Egypt.  It happened in 1956 when she became the first woman to get a job in the Antiquities Department at Abydos.  It was through her encouragement from her “memories” that archaeologists were able to find the location of the Temple Garden.  In fact, Omm Sety had actually pointed where the Temple Garden should be – and after meticulous excavation by archaeologists – it was discovered.  She additionally led archaeologists to a hidden tunnel on the north end of the Temple.  All of these findings were based on Omm Sety’s reminiscences.  Omm Sety also stated that under the Temple of Seti I lies a library vault of religious and historical records.  This excavation has yet to be undertaken.  She would also provide details on the Osirion and claimed that the Sphinx was extremely older than what experts consider.

Omm Sety would live the rest of her life at the Temple of Abydos.  She remained in a small village home and became as much of a tourist attraction as that of the temple itself.  She would resume her studies there, always treating the temple with the respect it ushered thousands of years ago.  Omm Sety passed away in 1981.


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