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Mars Structures and Connections with Great Pyramid and Sphinx Of Egypt | Gods Of Egypt

From Mars to Sphinx. Enigmatic and transcendent, the Sphinx still is, to scientists a mystery. The ancient mystery sciences associated with Egyptian Gnosticism, astrology, tarot, or alchemy give special importance to the Sphinx, associating it with the keeper of the great mysteries, the owner of the keys to the knowledge of the great mysteries of the universe. Analyzing the symbolism of the Sphinx, we find that he is also the Taurus, the Lion, the Eagle and the Man (as shown in the Egyptian pictographs). The four symbols placed around the God Throne represented in John’s Revelation. The same symbols represent the fixed signs of the zodiac disposed on the four directions of the space (like the corners of the pyramids).

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Egyptian legends say that under the pyramid there are underground labyrinths where you can miss for months and in the center of which are hidden sources of knowledge.

Radar tests have detected anomalies in the soil structure under the Sphinx indicating the presence of some cavities in the soil. All anomalies seemed to be linked by a narrower cavity

Schematics, Tunnels, and Chambers

But there are still no excavations under the Sphinx or under the pyramid. As in all the religions of the world, the symbolism of the Sphinx is closely related to light, like the entire Egyptian religion.

Waiting for the sunrise, symbolizing life as a rebirth, as the royal tombs were arranged on the western bank of the Nile in analogy with the opposite of the sun symbolizing the life that passed.

Who built the Sphinx and for what purpose? What is his age? Is contemporary with the pyramids on the Giza plateau? What symbolizes his human-lion hybrid structure? It is officially believed that the Sphinx is 4500 years old and dates from the pharaoh Kephren (2500 BC). Discoveries and research over the last 20 years contradict the conclusions of classical Egyptology. New sciences such as geology, archeo-astrology, and astrobiology cast a new light on a mystery that has lasted for several millennia.

Nowadays, in order to precisely raise and position an object of 200 tons, it takes between five and six weeks of preparation, using the most powerful cranes in the world. In order to place a second 200-ton stone block, another five weeks of preparation would still be required. Using the current technology should be around 500 years just to position 5000 blocks of this kind.

Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock have developed another theory that the Sphinx (considering its location according to neighboring pyramids and ancient Egyptian writings) is a part (if not the most important element) of an astronomical map that has a close connection with The constellation Orion. They concluded that the best fit of the map would be with the position that the stars had in 10,500 BC There is no inscription or writing that clearly indicates the date of construction. There are only clues that support the hypothesis that the Sphinx would have existed before the pyramids. Although the archaeological context shows that the realization of the Sphinx is very unlikely to surrender to Khafre’s complex.


Red Planet Connections?

In July 1976, Viking 1 spacecraft overflown the Red Planet with the mission of transmitting images to Earth. On this occasion, NASA came into possession of thousands of photographs, two of which became history. They represented what seemed to be a human face. Then there were pictures of … pyramids.

Viking 40th Anniversary Artwork | Mars Exploration

The first testimony on Mars came from February 1972, when the Mariner 9 probe showed us how this planet really is, sending the first images taken close: it was rocky, arid and … red. But nothing surprised more than the images of Mars’ surface taken in the region known as the Elysium Quadrangle, at 15 degrees of the Martian equator. They seemed to look like some pyramidal shapes, two larger and three smaller, with only three faces. The second image, captured six months later on August 7, again shows the same forms. It is supposed that the largest of the pyramids has a base 3 km long and 1 km high, much larger than the pyramids of Summer, Egypt or Mexico. From that moment on, the discovered structures became evidence of Martian civilization.

In 1976, a new US space mission, Viking, photographed the surface of the Red Planet. The two ships, Viking 1 and Viking 2, were orbiting the planet to send pictures and other data, but they also had probes to descend to gather information about traces of life. This latter objective has failed in appearance, although the results are still debated by scientists.

Viking 1’s amortization occurred on July 20, marking the 20th anniversary of the first descent on the Moon. The probe transmitted the first images of the Martian soil, and the one on Viking 2 descended on September 3 and transmitted data for six years.

Among the images were evidence of the region known as Cydonia Mensae, 40 degrees north of the Martian equator, diametrically opposed to the Elysium area. The photo showed a structure similar to a human face that would look toward space. This structure, almost 1.5 km long, has attracted the interest of all at that time and still continues to spark heated debate. However, the two relevant photographs were archived along with the rest and soon after forgetting until they were discovered and analyzed with modern scientific methods.
The face was then compared immediately with the Egyptian Sphinx, and the surrounding structures, with the monuments of Gizeh, after a cosmic scale pattern. There were also things of great importance, including a five-sided pyramid structure, 15 km south of Chip, 2.5 km long and 1.6 km wide. This became known as the Pyramid “D & M”, after the names of the two scholars who deepened the mystery, DiPietro, and Molenaar.

NASA Viking 1 Frame 35A72

The Cydonia region is in the northern hemisphere of Mars, and some experts believe that here was once an ocean.

One of these first images, made on July 25, 1976, showed a strange form of relief that looked very good with a human face.

Subsequently, other space probes photographed the Red Planet, providing images at a much better resolution. These are the Mars Global Surveyor (1997-2006), the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (released in 2006) and Mars Express (released in 2003).

The photos offered by this show that the famous Face is actually an optical illusion formed by a play of lights and shadows.

NASA unveiled the image for all to see. The caption noted a “huge rock formation … which resembles a human head … formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose, and mouth.” The authors reasoned it would be a good way to engage the public and attract attention to Mars.

To dismantle the theory of those who claim that there are pyramids and other forms of relief on Mars that would actually be the creation of extraterrestrials, Stuart Robbins made a video presenting the mathematical arguments against them.

The famous “Mars anomalies,” formations that resemble a human face or some pyramids, are simple relief forms and do not have the clear, organized structure of specially designed buildings.

Richard Hoagland and other adherents of his theory argued that the formations would have been made by aliens because they had some geometric shapes.

Composite of Viking Frames 70A13 and 35A72

According to Robbins, everything is just an illusion, and the new images with the Cydonia region, where these forms of relief lie, show that the relief is natural, nothing built by any extraterrestrial civilization

The latest similar observation from the beginning of this year, in which the conspiracy theorists believe, was a response of one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt on Mars.
Invoking ‘almost perfect design and shape’, ufologists argued that the ‘pyramid’ is still proof that an ancient civilization once lived on the red planet. While the pyramid is believed to be “the size of a car,” alien hunters say it could be just the tip of a much larger, buried structure.

NASA did not confirm the story, but this did not stop the conspiracy theorists from arguing that this is still a proof of the “secret space program.”

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