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Meet Hercules, He Is Our 6-Month-Old Pig

Meet Hercules, he is a 6-month-old pot belly pig and is our pig baby and yes my husband is a police officer (I know I know get your laughs in now).

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Ever heard someone call a police officer a pig? I know I have! “Pig” is one of many terms people use to refer to the police in a derogatory manner. It is thought that police are referred to as “pigs” because they root in your business and we all know pigs LOVE to root. Guess what people don’t realize, while calling a police officer a pig you are also referring to them in a very positive way. How you ask? I’m so glad you asked that, let me clue you in :)

Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent. They are curious and insightful by nature. They are labeled as smarter than dogs, some primates and yes even some humans. Pigs are super social and form very close bonds with their herd or owners. From a Law enforcement standpoint, officers are very close to their brothers in blue, so not far off from that of a pig. Pigs are very peaceful creatures and very rarely show aggression, with the exception of when provoked or when a member of their herd is threatened. A pig will show aggression to defend themselves and others they are trying to protect, so yet again not far off from what a police offer does to protect and serve their community. There are COUNTLESS stories of pigs saving lives of humans, including but not limited to one pet pig saving a young boy from drowning and another saving her owner from a muddy bog. These pigs are HEROS! So here were are yet again not that different from what any police officer would do. Last but not least pigs are strong animals, have amazing memories and are loyal. So to rap this up every time you think you are being derogatory by calling a police officer a pig, you are actually calling them a strong, intelligent, peaceful, protective hero. So feel free to call my mom or my husband a pig any time you want, I appreciate the kind thoughts you are sending when you do!

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