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Our Solar System | A New Planet of Mars Size Was Discovered by Astronomers

 Astronomers have announced that a new planet has been found, the size of Mars.It seems to be the year of discoveries in the solar system.

A recent study suggests that a massive object is near the external area of the solar system, being considered by the researchers a new undiscovered world, according to Independent.

Last year, the scientists discovered Planet 9 after they noticed that a force is exerted on the objects of the Kuiper Belt. The unusual object orbit could be explained by the presence of a planet with a mass of 10 times that of the Earth. A similarly recent analysis suggests that there could be a new planet of this type called Planet 10.

In the study by Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra of Arizona University, it is shown that several objects in the Kuiper Belt do not orbit on the normal trajectory, suggesting that a planet exerts a great gravitational force on them.

Researchers suggest that the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon is the existence of a new planet similar to Mars. “According to our calculations, an object as massive as Mars could cause the fluctuations we measured,” said Dr. Volk.

“Given the current definition of a planet, this other mysterious object may not be a true planet, even if it has a size similar to that of Earth, as it could be surrounded by huge asteroids or dwarf planets.

Researchers hope that after the launch of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope they will be able to see new planets if they exist.

Professor Daniel Whitmire of Louisiana University says the planet would be made up of hydrogen and helium, with a Jupiter-like atmosphere with spots, rings and clouds. “We expect to have moons as well. All outer planets have moons,” the professor said.

Like the size of our planet or a little smaller, the new discovery does not have a name at the moment, not until it is seen directly.


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