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The SETI Project will allow the detection of sophisticated extraterrestrial civilizations

 In 1960, Freeman Dyson, a mathematician and physicist, predicted that every civilization in the Universe will reach the point where it will exhaust the energy resources on its own planet if it survives long enough. Dyson argued that this moment is an important threshold that each civilization must overcome in its evolution, the solution being one: building a giant sphere surrounding the star in their solar system, collecting star energy.

Astronomers have called these theoretical megastructures “Dyson spheres”. Although it may seem that Dyson’s idea is nothing but a fantasy, the physicist’s hypothesis leads to a simple conclusion: if you want to detect an advanced alien civilization, you should look for Dyson spheres. Now, three astronomers from the US Penn State University, coordinated by Jason Wright, have launched a two-year project that aims to study millions of galaxies, including the Milky Way, to detect Dyson spheres.

The scale of the universe is a major challenge in the search for extra-terrestrial life, which is partly why the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence is hoping that any life out there will one day reach out to us.

The project is funded by an important grant from the Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organization that finances research that focuses on “the great questions of humanity,” questions that address the “purpose of humanity and the absolute truth behind reality.” How does Wright’s team plan to find the Dyson spheres? Although the name “sphere” brings to mind the image of a solid structure, Wright’s scientists will not seek a solid solar “housing”.

“Although there is enough mass in our solar system to build a solid sphere, such a structure would not be mechanically feasible,” says Wright. “So, it is more likely to be a <swarm > of collector mechanisms,” the researcher adds. These speculations on alien technologies might seem far from the world of science, but all attempts to seek extraterrestrial life were based on such speculation. For example, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project looks for radio signals of alien origin, although mankind does not currently have the energy source needed to launch a radio signal similar to the one that scientists want to detect.

To operate a radio station that emits in all directions a signal strong enough to be detected within a few light-years away requires a gigantic amount of energy equivalent to the total production of thousands and thousands of massive power plants, Explains astronomer Robert Gray.

The SETI project starts from the assumption that advanced civilizations will consider it extremely valuable to communicate with other civilizations, enough to justify such energy consumption. SETI also starts from the assumption that aliens communicate with radio waves on frequencies monitored by humans. So, to find intelligent aliens, it is not enough that they exist, but it is necessary for them to develop technologically in a predictable way. The Wright-coordinated project is not the first effort to detect Dyson spheres, a similar research being carried out in the 1980s.

Scientists are looking for hard physical objects which emit light or radio waves regularly. Yet the interdimensional beings, who are the UFO’s, choose when and where to appear in our dimension, how they will look when they do appear, and if they will emit any noise.

The Wright-led group of researchers will have access to the data generated by three recent projects, which had instruments hundreds of times more sensitive than those used three decades ago, so its project has much greater chances to detect these constructions colossally. If Wright’s team is going to detect something special that does not resemble any other astronomical phenomenon, the confirmation effort will be lasting, involving astronomers and telescopes around the world.

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